When I ran for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas last summer, I ran on a platform of “Experience Matters.” Over the past nine months, I have put my experience to work for our Party and, with our incredible team at RPT, we have gotten results for you. I will continue working hard to get real results for you as Party Chairman and will strive for victories to keep Texas Republican in November 2018!

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It has been just nine short months since I had the honor of being elected as your Republican Party Chairman, and what an exciting and momentous time it has been for our Party. We have seen the impact that the Republican Party of Texas can have when it not only listens to its members but acts on what they have said.

Almost immediately after I took office, Governor Abbott called the special session, and we went to work organizing our volunteers, staff, and supporters to work with the Governor’s office and legislators in both chambers to support legislation that you – the Republican voters of Texas – said you wanted. As a direct result of those efforts we were able to see your values turned into reality in key areas, including limitations on annexation without voter approval and implementation of a requirement for approval before a hospital issues a do-not-resuscitate order on a patient’s behalf.

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the coastal areas, we again reached out to our volunteers and elected officials and coordinated relief efforts all over the region, proving by our actions that Republican ideals of freedom, opportunity, and responsibility – not government programs – are the way to maintain strong communities. Hundreds of volunteers amassed thousands of hours coordinating and delivering tons of much-needed supplies, often pulling off amazing and heroic feats in the process.

When Primary season began, we worked to strengthen the State Party organization and better serve the needs of candidates, officeholders, party activists, and our county and precinct organizations. We equipped more candidates with GOP Data Center tools in six months than in the four previous years combined. We did more thorough volunteer training than ever before. We stepped into the 21st century and took advantage of the latest technology to allow committed volunteers across Texas to plug in with our staff and contribute their talents to advancing our Republican agenda.

We then had a great candidate filing period with 3,862 Republican candidates filing to be on the Republican primary ballot in Texas. I committed to ensuring that our Party managed a fair, efficient, and transparent primary process. We saw the results of that this week as we beat the 2010 record on the way to the highest number of voters ever in a Texas midterm primary.

With state convention fast approaching, many of you have asked me whether I will run for re-election as your State Chairman. Yes, I am seeking to serve the party for another term this June.

I am dedicated to ensuring fairness, transparency, and openness in our runoff elections and our Precinct, County, Senatorial District, and State Conventions as we prepare to be victorious once again this November.

I am also dedicated to upholding our party’s principles and will seek to expand our party’s efforts even more during the next legislative session. With our amazing network of grassroots activists, issue organizations, clubs, auxiliaries, and Republican elected officials, we will work together to ensure the right to life, liberty, and and the pursuit of happiness for all Texans – for generations to come.

I will officially begin my campaign later this month. In the meantime, I need your help to get the campaign off to a strong start. If you are able and willing to be part of our statewide network of volunteers, please text “endorse” to 512.57.CHAIR (512.572.4247).

I am counting on your support. With the help of committed conservatives like you, I am confident we can continue to move our Party forward, keep making sure the voice of the grassroots is heard in all our endeavors, and have a state convention that launches us to big wins in November and in the next legislative session. Let’s continue the progress we have made with a new term at the Republican Party of Texas.

God bless you, and God bless Texas!


P.S. Again, to be part of our statewide network of volunteers, please text ‘endorse’ to 512.57.CHAIR.

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