Weekly Chairman’s Report (Nov 20 – Nov 27)

Dear Texas Republican,

As I reflect on this season of giving thanks, there is much to be grateful for, but I am especially grateful to serve as your Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

As Chairman, I have had the opportunity to meet thousands of hard-working Republicans who dedicate their time and passion to the Republican Party of Texas, and it has been the highlight of serving thus far. County Chairs, Precinct Chairs, State Republican Executive Committee members, and the faithful grassroots are selflessly working to improve the Party and fight for the the ideals we all believe in: expansion of opportunity and protection of freedom. I am thankful to be able to serve alongside our incredible volunteers and staff as we work toward such worthwhile goals.

Immediately after the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey, I had the opportunity to see the generous heart of so many RPT officials, staff, affiliates, and volunteers. Our community rallied to the aid of cities like Rockport, Houston, Rose City, and the surrounding areas that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Recovery continues––and will continue for years to come––and I am thankful to know that together we can and will rebuild.

With many of Texas’ Republican economic policies making this state a great friend to businesses in our nation, I have had the opportunity to grow my small business, employ great people, provide for my family, and dedicate a great portion of my time to the Party. I am thankful to see Texas prospering amidst unique challenges and spurring economic growth that causes tens of thousands to move to this state every year.

Here at the Republican Party of Texas, we have an extra reason to be thankful this season. A generous donor has agreed to match every donation dollar-for-dollar until the end of this month. I ask that you take advantage of this opportunity to double your donation as these final weeks of fundraising are crucial. We must be ready to take on the 2018 election cycle.

The Republican Party of Texas would not be as strong as it is without you. We need your support, and we deeply appreciate it. Thank you for allowing me the greatest opportunity– to serve as your Chairman. May God bless you and your family.  

With my sincere gratitude,

James Dickey