I am an Optimist

That’s why I was actually excited about moving to Austin to start the hard work of grassroots conservative activism here.

It’s why I gladly took on the tough job of growing the Republican Party in Travis county as Chairman.

It’s why I have faith that the hundreds of committed volunteers and staff in the Travis County Republican Party will continue to fight for a better Travis county every day regardless of who holds the Chairman position.

It’s why I can hope that the same press that ignored every opportunity to inform Republican voters when there was time to do so will learn from this experience.

It’s why I still hold out hope that Mr. Morrow – contrary to his own statements so far – will recognize that his duty to the neighbors who voted for him, and who are now his constituents, is more important than his fixation on faraway strangers on whom he can have no positive impact.

It’s why I can have some confidence that the thousands of hours that TCRP volunteers, staff and I expended to grow the party – reaching out and attracting more young people, minorities and those from across the Republican political spectrum – will not have been entirely made moot by the rash actions and statements of any one person.

And it’s why I’m sure that while my time in an official capacity with the TCRP will soon come to an end, I will find another way to serve my friends, neighbors and fellow Texans.

I look forward to that, and I’m grateful for all the amazing support and affirmation I’ve received over the past week.

My sincere thanks,
James R. Dickey