Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.29.2018

Fellow Texas Republicans,

This past weekend we have spent time remembering the men and women who laid down their lives for the goal of preserving liberty to us and our posterity. How blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth — one that strives to preserve the freedom given to us by God, implemented by our Founding Fathers, and embodied in the Constitution. God bless and keep the military families who have suffered the loss of their loved ones.

It’s been another wonderful week for meeting with great Texans! This week my travels were focused on South Texas.

What a pleasure it was to meet delegates and alternates from SD-19 for a convention training in Pleasanton last week — some of whom drove for hours to be there. Many will be first-time delegates and I’m glad to see them taking their responsibility seriously. I enjoyed seeing SREC members Terri DuBose (SD-19) and Naomi Narvaiz (SD-21), and five county chairs: Marian Knowlton (Atascosa), Rita Jordan (Karnes) Jack DuBose (Real), Jeff Santleben (Uvalde), and Ruby Manen (Wilson).

Wednesday I spoke at the San Antonio Republican Club along with Bexar County Chair Mark Dorazio (also SREC from SD-25). I appreciate the invitation from Marian Stanko and Fred Rangel (SREC from SD-26). Many club members will be volunteering at convention to help your experience to be better. A couple hundred miles away I was able to see Fort Bend and Harris County Chairs Jacey Jetton and Paul Simpson later that day.

Over the weekend I went further south to Hidalgo and Webb counties. I’m thankful for the hard work of Republicans in the Rio Grande Valley who talk about our Republican principles in ways that bring in those who share the values but had never before considered themselves Republican. I visited with many of those at a meet and greet in McAllen hosted by the leadership of the newly reconstituted Rio Grande Valley Republican Women’s Club where I met some of the great candidates, delegates and precinct chairs as well as Janie Melendez (SREC, SD-20) and Hidalgo County Chair Sergio Sanchez. I also traveled to Laredo where I visited with Webb County Chair Randy Blair and Naomi Narvaiz (SREC, SD-21) and a great group of candidates, precinct chairs, delegates and other active Republicans.

I’m thrilled to have visited all 31 State Senate Districts during my first year in office – exactly as I’d promised. It’s such a joy to meet and get to know so many hardworking Republicans across our state, listen to their ideas, and make sure they know that they have our encouragement and support.