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Chairman’s Update – January 2019

Chairman’s Update – January 2019

Dear Fellow Texas Republican,

The month of January brought with it a lot of news, including the opening of the 86th Legislative Session, several special elections, a new Speaker of the Texas House, and much more. We have continued to prepare for the battles ahead and 2020 by looking into new strategies and processes to engage more Republicans than ever before. I spent much of my time meeting with Republican elected officials to hear their concerns and to find out how the Republican Party of Texas can help them both during the 86th Legislature and in future elections. We also had the opportunity to attend the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting where we re-elected Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to another term. It has been a full and productive month.

Shortly after the new year, Texas’ 86th Legislative Session was called to order. Several Republicans were sworn in for the first time to represent the districts which elected them. The Texas House also elected a new Speaker – Representative Dennis Bonnen of Angleton. He has already shown he will be an effective Speaker and is willing to tackle issues like property tax and school finance head on.

Following the opening of Session, Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick were inaugurated. They hosted several events including the Abbott Grassroots Reception and the Inaugural Ball – headlined by the King of Country, George Strait! This gave me a good opportunity to speak with grassroots activists, donors, and elected officials about the Republican Party of Texas’ plans during this Session and for 2020.

During the month of January, we also hosted a new member orientation at the Republican Party of Texas headquarters with our new elected officials. We discussed what they would like to see from the RPT and how we can help them. Thank you to Rep. Steve Allison, Rep. Keith Bell, Rep. Brad Buckley, Rep. Cody Harris, Rep. Ben Leman, Rep. Mayes Middleton, Rep. Reggie Smith, and Rep. Steve Toth for attending or sending a representative on your behalf. We look forward to working with all of our elected officials to accomplish the policy goals that Texans need!

On January 18th, we sat down with the Texas Secretary of State’s team and the Texas Democrats to discuss the upcoming elections. We discussed many items, especially the wait times at polling locations in 2018 and what we might do to expedite the process in the future. While we are happy that 2020 marks the elimination of straight ticket voting in Texas, the consequence – in conjunction with an enormous anticipated turnout – will likely be long lines at polling locations. We discussed potential solutions for this while still ensuring that all election laws are followed. We look forward to working with the Texas Secretary of State to ensure that citizens registered to vote in Texas are able to do so in the most efficient way that still ensures ballot integrity.

I had my first opportunity to meet with the House Caucus as a group and with the Speaker and several other members. These meetings were an important first step towards the kind of productive partnership needed this cycle between the party and all of our elected officials.

I was fortunate to have to the opportunity to travel to Tomball to meet with the Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women. It was great to see current and former SREC members as well as many active and engaged Republicans who are ready to work toward electing Republicans throughout the Tomball area.

It was a pleasure to attend the training on January 19th in Uvalde which was organized by Marian Knowlton, both our Atascosa County Chair and our SREC SD 19 Committeewoman. Uvalde County Chairman Jeff Santleben and the Uvalde County Republican Party were excellent hosts for this event and we particularly enjoyed hearing from State Senator Peter Flores.  Our Organization Director Brandon Moore, San Jacinto County Chairman and TRCCA Vice-President Dwayne Wright, and Jon Williams with Cool Conservatives PAC all had excellent presentations.

The RNC Winter Meeting took place January 23rd-25th in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During the meeting we elected Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to another term leading the RNC and elected Texan Tommy Hicks as Co-Chairman. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Tommy for years and I look forward to working with him as we fight to defend Texas in 2020!

We also had the opportunity to present the case for a significant increase in the RNC’s investment in Texas. We can no longer take Texas’ 38 electoral votes for granted and must vigorously fight to defend them! There is no path to winning the White House in 2020 without Texas. If you would like to join the fight, text TXNEWS to 72000 right now to keep up with what the RPT is doing to defend our values!

While in New Mexico, we spent time meeting with current and potential digital and technology firms that are offering innovative voter engagement and grassroots tools that will improve our efforts to build the volunteer army we need to engage voters in the coming elections.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of former Webb County Chairman Randy Blair who passed away in January. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his service and dedication to our party and to our shared values. We also owe him our thanks for finding a qualified individual to take over, Chairman Bill Young. Chairman Young kicked things off in a powerful way by putting together this incredible event. We had both SREC members for SD 21, numerous Young Republicans, and dozens of potential precinct chairs. It’s incredibly exciting to see that kind of energy in what has traditionally been a blue county!

We would like to extend our thanks to Senator John Cornyn for joining our montly County Chair conference call and updating our County Chairs on what he is seeing in D.C. He also discussed the challenges he knows we face in Texas in 2020. We look forward to working with Senator Cornyn to ensure we elect qualified Republican leaders across the state of Texas.

During the month of January there were two Special Elections: Texas House District 79 in El Paso and Texas House District 145 in Houston. We had Republican candidates in both races. In HD 79, Hans Sassenfeld stepped up to run in a heavily blue district and showed the importance of challenging Democrats for every seat. In HD 145, Martha Fierro ran a hard campaign in yet another heavily blue area and did an excellent job of exemplifying Republican values. Thank you to them both for their service.

As we approach 2020, we know that we must prioritize candidate recruitment so that we can challenge every incumbent Democrat in Texas. We cannot allow any Democrat to coast through the General Election. Our message of quality education, property tax reform, and maintaining our booming economy is one that will resonate with all who hear it and we owe it to all Texans to make sure it is presented in every race in every district. That is why we have created the Candidate Recruitment Task Force to be led by Hamilton County Chair Cat Parks. Chair Parks has been a strong advocate for representative government and Republican values. She is passionate about identifying and recruiting quality candidates that we need to win in 2020. I am confident she will do an exceptional job as Chair of our Candidate Recruitment Task Force.

January was a busy time for Texas Republicans. This is just the beginning, and the months ahead will only get busier as we fight for our shared values and to elect Republicans in 2020.

If you want to stay in the loop with what we’re doing, text TXNEWS to 72000 now!


James R. Dickey
Republican Party of Texas

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The Republican Party–Advancing for All Texans Without Exception

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sam Pohl, press@TexasGOP.org


AUSTIN, TX – Today, Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey submitted an op-ed to media outlets around the state on the subject of the Republican Party of Texas standing firm against racism and bigotry.

The op-ed is titled The Republican Party–Advancing for All Texans Without Exception and reads:

The Republican Party of Texas firmly opposes all racism and religious bigotry. Recent news stories have focused on damaging exceptions within our midst. We strongly

and unequivocally denounce all racist and bigoted statements and actions.

This week, press reported on racist statements made from an individual who was inaccurately identified as a Texas GOP official. We denounce them and we want nothing to do with them. That is not our Party.

In Tarrant County, a few individuals have sought to remove Dr. Shahid Shafi from his position as Vice Chair of the county Party because of his religion – because he is a Muslim. That is not our Party.

On December 2, the governing board of the Republican Party of Texas – the State Republican Executive Committee – unanimously passed a resolution stating support of all Americans’ constitutional right to freely practice their religion and recognizing the contributions of Republicans of every faith who advance conservative policies and ideals. We reinforced our core value of religious liberty and that religious liberty should be preserved for all Americans.

Upon passage, Dr. Shafi stated his faith in the Republican Party had been “reaffirmed” and that “…This is and remains and should always be the party of Lincoln and Reagan.”

The Republican Party has a long history of fighting for our God-given rights, for freedom and against bigotry in all forms. We explicitly open our party’s platform with the following words:

“Affirming our belief in God, we still hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

We stand firmly against any attempts to divide America into conflicting factions and work every day empowering individuals and fighting for all to achieve the American Dream and their highest potential in life.

At our inception 150 years ago, the founding mission of the Republican Party of Texas was the abolition of slavery. Throughout our history, we have stood true to our foundation and continued to advance freedom and opportunity for all.

This is the Republican Party. We stand behind those who wish to join us in supporting the founding principles of our nation and the right for everyone to pursue their own version of the American Dream.

All are welcome in the Republican Party of Texas – all, that is, except those who refuse to join in our mission to fight equally for the protection of and opportunity for those of all races, religions and creeds.”


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Your Party and the State Republican Executive Committee Have Been Busy

Your Party and the State Republican Executive Committee Have Been Busy

Dear Fellow Republican,

The State Republican Executive Committee held its quarterly meeting for the 3rd Quarter of 2018 on Saturday. A lot of information was covered that I wanted to be sure to share with all Texas Republicans.


We were pleased to have a special visit from Senator-elect Peter Flores. As State Senate Republican Caucus Chair Paul Bettencourt pointed out – Senator-elect Flores’ election marks the first time in Texas history that the Republican Party has had a 2/3rds supermajority in the Senate with a full 21 of the 31 elected seats. Senator-elect Flores’ victory in a district that Hillary Clinton won by 12% in November 2016 is a testament to his quality as a candidate, the hard work put in by him and everyone on his campaign, and the unified support provided by all Republicans from the Governor and his campaign, the Lieutenant Governor and his campaign, the Republican National Committee, more local volunteers than we can count, and the Republican Party of Texas.

This was just the most recent exciting example of the kinds of results we can get from the incredible hard work the RPT has been doing. We’ve had full-time field staff across the state for over a year and the voter identification and contact work they have done is showing. More than 1,000 candidates are using the data that the RPT has provided. This data includes the best and broadest set of voter information available at no cost to them and we are seeing incredible results.

The Absentee Ballot mailer that Senator Dawn Buckingham’s great Victory team raised the funds to send to to over 700,000 homes and nearly a million Texas voters will help all our candidates up and down the ballot.


Our Treasurer, Larry Hicks, provided his report to the SREC, and among the information he shared included the following:.

  • we have over $1.8 million in cash on hand,
  • almost $600,000 of that is unrestricted cash, and
  • the Victory campaign has already successfully completed and paid for their biggest project and still has hundreds of thousands in cash on-hand.

This is a great sign that the Republican Party of Texas’ track record of success on all fronts in the past year continues and sets us up well for the victories we must see in November.

We also shared the latest fundraising numbers for the year. Those numbers show that we are well above budget in every category except one, and that this years’ average monthly total fundraising is not only the best we’ve had since 2012, it’s 15% higher than the second best year since 2012.


During and prior to the State Convention there were allegations that cash balances, fundraising and convention accounting were being misrepresented and misreported. At our SREC Organizational Meeting after the Convention, I asked that an Audit Committee be formed and a special audit be conducted to prove or disprove those claims. The SREC approved my request.

Our RNC National Committeeman and Committeewoman appointed the three Audit Committee members. Since we already had an audit for all of 2017 that had found zero issues, the committee charged the audit firm with investigating transactions from January through June of this year and comparing reported cash balances and revenue to actual. The firm was also charged with investigating whether convention expenses paid by the Party to cover required deposits were reimbursed by the convention accounts after convention sponsorship and registration funds were received.

The audit firm addressed the SREC Saturday and they confirmed:

  • that the revenue they audited was all tracked, classified and reported correctly,
  • that the convention expenses advanced by the Party’s unrestricted accounts were all reimbursed from convention accounts by the end of June, and,
  • that the cash balances were all correct, with one exception. Across the 16 bank balances reported every month, there was one month when one of the bank balances was under-reported by $1.20. As the audit firm representative told the SREC, this would not be mentioned in any normal audit. In this type of detailed audit, though, they evaluate to the penny and therefore included it in their report.

It is good to have this independent validation that the claims made against the RPT were completely false.


The Officials committee is charged with conducting the business of the RPT between quarterly SREC meetings. The committee’s voting membership is made up of the Chair, the Vice Chair, five members elected at large by the SREC and two members appointed by the Chair. In Saturday’s election, Sue Evenwel (SD 1), Jason Ross (SD 2), Mark Ramsey (SD 7), Tanya Robertson (SD 11), and Mark Dorazio (SD 25) were elected to the committee. For his experience working with the legislature and elected officials, I appointed Terry Holcomb (SD 3). For his insight as President of the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association and experience as a county chair, I appointed Jack Barcroft (SD 24). The committee has already jumped in on difficult questions we face going forward and I am grateful to all of them for being willing to serve and look forward to working with them this term.


Quite a few decisions were made and discussed in the meeting regarding our Rules and Bylaws.

The SREC unanimously affirmed a clarification provided by me a few weeks ago regarding County Executive Committee (CEC) organizational meetings. That clarification states that the CEC organizational meeting is the first CEC meeting held each biennium at which bylaws are adopted and Precinct Chairs are sworn in. Since bylaws are adopted, and not amended, at such a meeting, the threshold for approval of those adopted bylaws is a majority of those voting.

Bylaws changes passed at the meeting included:

  • Removing the requirement that the RPT headquarters be in the city of Austin, and instead specifying that it be in Travis County,
  • Specifying that a statutory meeting can be held within a regular meeting (instead of the prior wording that authorized a statutory meeting to count as one of our four quarterly meetings),
  • Adding a new default proxy option for SREC members,
  • Providing for much shorter notice and lower quorum requirements for the Legislative Priorities committee in limited cases,
  • Improving the efficiency of the SREC by adjusting the scope of notice requirements slightly,
  • Detailing that some committees, their membership and their charges must be ratified by the full SREC while others may be ratified by the Officials Committee,
  • Removing the charge to handle ballot security issues from the Party Organization committee since Ballot Integrity is now a dedicated working group, and,
  • Changing the name of the Legislative Affairs committee to the Legislative Priorities committee to be consistent between RPT Rules and SREC bylaws.

There was much discussion on bylaws changes to the scope of contracts that the Officials Committee must approve. Most of that discussion was around whether or not to charge the Officials Committee with specific oversight on any potential compensation for an RPT Chair. Further discussion and a decision on that potential bylaws change was postponed until the next SREC meeting.

I argued for Chair compensation on the Rules Committee at the 2016 RPT State Convention. Unfortunately, at Convention this issue simply cannot be considered on its own merits. It is unavoidably made a personal campaign issue and affected by the politics of the Chair campaign when emotions are most raw, not evaluated properly as a separate question of what is best for the RPT.

Over the past year, though, the SREC has faced tough questions and taken bold stances that the party had not taken in years past, including actively promoting grassroots issues, the platform, and the legislative priorities. I commend the SREC for considering this important change as well. By doing so they continue to prove their willingness to put the party’s mission and needs ahead of the all-too-common tendency to keep to the status quo.

As a grassroots party, it is ironic at best that our current party structure effectively restricts potential chair candidates to only those who have independent wealth or sufficient passive income. As those who believe in the benefits of competition, we know the party would be better off with more competition from more candidates. The kind of turnover the RPT has faced in its Chairs, with two successive midterm Chair elections held by the SREC, is not positive and something that should also be better avoided if Chair compensation is available. Finally, the party would be better off with the undivided attention of a Chair, and that is only a reasonable request if compensation is offered.

In the coming weeks, we will build upon our momentum. We will continue to work to achieve record fundraising numbers and to elect Republicans up and down the ballot. We are entering the time of campaign season where each and every minute matters and enabling the Chairman to dedicate their full attention is more critical than ever. The SREC will take up this issue again at the next meeting on November 30th and December 1st. As in all other issues, I welcome your thoughts as you consider this latest bold move for our party.

Our other committees provided updates as well, some of which required debate or a vote:

  • The Candidate Resource Committee has reviewed hundreds of applications and approved the distribution of tens of thousands in direct contributions to Republican candidates at all levels across the state.
  • The Party Organization Committee recommended the creation of a working group to focus on voter registration of new movers.
  • The Auxiliaries and Coalitions Committee recommended approval of the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association as an Auxiliary and that Terry Holcomb be the representative of the SREC to that organization. Both were approved.
  • The Resolutions Committee presented resolutions commemorating the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and a resolution on protecting the rights of citizens to vote.
  • The Legislative Priorities Committee has already begun helping legislators craft legislation and testifying at committee hearings. The most recent was when SREC Members Summer Wise and Mark Ramsey testified at the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform on September 20th. They reminded the Senators that, after Senators listened to approximately five hours of testimony on how the appraisal and appraisal review board processes are deeply and likely irreparably flawed and unfair to taxpayers, that the RPT platform has a solution – abolish the appraisal and appraisal review process entirely and simply use the actual transaction price of the property until it is sold again. Most committee work will be done electronically and via teleconference when not actually in Austin. Please let us know if any of you reading this can help in one or more of this committee’s working groups. These working groups are open to all Republicans, not just SREC members.
  • The State Convention Ballot Integrity Committee proposed seven new procedural safeguards for ballot integrity at future conventions. The SREC approved all 7 with no amendments.
  • The Engagement Committee has already begun working with groups and individuals across the state to achieve their goal of growing the party. Those efforts have included initiatives with Republicans and independents in Hispanic, African American, faith, veteran, high school, college and young professional communities and we look forward to seeing the fruits of those efforts.
  • The Convention Arrangements Committee is excited to have much more time to prepare for the 2020 State Convention this time than the mere 10 months they had for last State Convention, and already hard at work on making sure the Houston 2020 Convention is an incredible experience for all of us.
  • The Advancement Committee recommended working groups for an RPT Speakers Bureau, to maximize our legislative activities with the Strategic Texas Activist Team volunteers, to help provide a base level web site functionality for all county parties in need of such, and to work on ballot propositions for the 2020 primary.

It is very likely that at our next meeting we will begin our SREC agenda on Friday evening, November 30, and continue our work on the morning and early afternoon of December 1 to allow us to complete all our business for the quarter while also leaving sufficient time for members to leave early on Saturday afternoon for other activities.

These are challenging and exciting times for Texas and the Republican Party, but I am confident that we are up to those challenges and will also be able to take advantage of the many opportunities before us.

Turn out for the November election and vote straight ticket Republican! Then encourage all your friends, neighbors, and family members to do so as well!

God bless Texas!

James Dickey
Republican Party of Texas

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Chairman Dickey’s Update – 6.5.2018

Chairman Dickey’s Update – 6.5.2018

Fellow Texas Republicans,

Next Monday, convention committees will begin meeting in San Antonio. Next week on Thursday, thousands of hardworking grassroots Republicans will gather in a single room to conduct the business of the Party. I look forward to a week of thoughtful discussion, debate, and deliberations, resulting in final decisions on our Party’s platform, rules, priorities, and leadership.

And then as soon as convention is over, it is imperative that all of our attention be on electing Republicans in November. We must all join together to ensure strong victories for our Republican candidates. I hope that the Republican Party of Texas can count on you to pitch in and do your part to show the entire country that Texas is as bright red as ever, and we’re not backing down from the fight.

People & Places

Topping last week’s list of highlights was seeing President Trump and RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel in Dallas. Both were very kind and complimentary of the work we are doing in Texas. It was especially gratifying to be personally recognized by President Trump in the middle of his keynote speech at dinner. I’m also grateful that the White House allowed us to extend an invitation to our Grassroots Club members yesterday to hear a personal update from the President on their grassroots briefing call.

I was honored to help with Rick Seeburger’s campaign kickoff event last week. He is our Republican nominee for Congress in CD-16 (El Paso) last week. Although I couldn’t join him at the event in person, I sent a video greeting and message of support for his event. El Paso is fortunate to have strong Republican candidates running who can represent the values that El Pasoans hold dear.

Last Saturday I was able to visit with many SREC members: Sue Evenwel (SD-1), Vicki Slaton (SD-2), Nita Davidson and Mike McCloskey (SD-5), Terri DuBose (SD-19), Naomi Narvaiz (SD-21), Pastor Stephen Broden (SD-23), Mark Dorazio (SD-25), and Marian Stanko and Fred Rangel (SD-26). Senator Ted Cruz also addressed the crowd as a part of his Day of Action (more on that later). State Senator Bob Hall was also present.

Special recognition goes to the High School Republicans of Texas who are holding their state convention today in Houston. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in events with the HSRT and Chairman Adam Hoffman and I’m proud of the leadership they show in promoting conservative principles of government.

Report from the Field

Our field team participated in the Statewide Day of Action to promote Senator Ted Cruz last Saturday! His leadership in Washington, D.C. is critical to be sure our values are represented, and I’m so glad to see Texans cheering him on as he travels throughout Texas.

In addition to helping provide ground support for Senator Cruz, our team is heavily involved in targeted Congressional races to be sure that we keep strong Republican representation in our Texas delegation. We have a great team, and I know they’d love for you to join them. Please contact Kristy Wilkinson (kwilkinson@gop.com) and Stephen Wong (swong@texasgop.org) to get plugged in to help keep Texas redder than ever!

I’d like to give a special shout out to the whole field team! They are leading, mentoring, and training a full house of fellows who will help with voter outreach, community engagement, and team building  this summer and on through election day. With the team’s hard work and your investment I know they are going to make a huge difference in voter turnout this November, and republican engagement for years to come.

Party News

Here are some updates on State Convention:

  • If you haven’t yet pre-registered, do so now (CLICK HERE).
  • Both the Congressional Luncheon and NIOSITA are now sold out. Good news – we still have tickets left to the Gala Banquet with Dr. Ben Carson. Grab yours now! (Purchase tickets when you pre-register — or add them to an existing registration by clicking the link that was in your confirmation email.)
  • Your best source for information on convention business will be www.texasgop.org/delegates. Check it out during convention for links to livestreams, working Google docs, committee reports, testimony times, and more.
  • Learn how to be an effective delegate by watching our training videos

Coming Up Next

June 4: Convention training in Austin (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)
June 5: Chairman Dickey speaking in Llano (more info: rmalone@texasgop.org)
June 6: State Canvass of Runoff Primary Election — 9am at RPT headquarters
June 6: Convention training in Kerrville (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)
June 7: Chairman Dickey & convention training with Young Republicans in Austin (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)
June 9: convention training in Beeville (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)

And of course – our RPT 2018 State Convention – join our facebook event page!


James Dickey

P.S. If you received this weekly update email as a forward, be sure to sign up for your own subscription right here!

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Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.29.2018

Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.29.2018

Fellow Texas Republicans,

This past weekend we have spent time remembering the men and women who laid down their lives for the goal of preserving liberty to us and our posterity. How blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth — one that strives to preserve the freedom given to us by God, implemented by our Founding Fathers, and embodied in the Constitution. God bless and keep the military families who have suffered the loss of their loved ones.

People & Places

It’s been another wonderful week for meeting with great Texans! This week my travels were focused on South Texas.

What a pleasure it was to meet delegates and alternates from SD-19 for a convention training in Pleasanton last week — some of whom drove for hours to be there. Many will be first-time delegates and I’m glad to see them taking their responsibility seriously. I enjoyed seeing SREC members Terri DuBose (SD-19) and Naomi Narvaiz (SD-21), and five county chairs: Marian Knowlton (Atascosa), Rita Jordan (Karnes) Jack DuBose (Real), Jeff Santleben (Uvalde), and Ruby Manen (Wilson).

Wednesday I spoke at the San Antonio Republican Club along with Bexar County Chair Mark Dorazio (also SREC from SD-25). I appreciate the invitation from Marian Stanko and Fred Rangel (SREC from SD-26). Many club members will be volunteering at convention to help your experience to be better. A couple hundred miles away I was able to see Fort Bend and Harris County Chairs Jacey Jetton and Paul Simpson later that day.

Over the weekend I went further south to Hidalgo and Webb counties. I’m thankful for the hard work of Republicans in the Rio Grande Valley who talk about our Republican principles in ways that bring in those who share the values but had never before considered themselves Republican. I visited with many of those at a meet and greet in McAllen hosted by the leadership of the newly reconstituted Rio Grande Valley Republican Women’s Club where I met some of the great candidates, delegates and precinct chairs as well as Janie Melendez (SREC, SD-20) and Hidalgo County Chair Sergio Sanchez. I also traveled to Laredo where I visited with Webb County Chair Randy Blair and Naomi Narvaiz (SREC, SD-21) and a great group of candidates, precinct chairs, delegates and other active Republicans.

I’m thrilled to have visited all 31 State Senate Districts during my first year in office – exactly as I’d promised. It’s such a joy to meet and get to know so many hardworking Republicans across our state, listen to their ideas, and make sure they know that they have our encouragement and support.

Report from the Field

Last week we collaborated with the Dallas GOP in some significant engagement efforts. Adryana Aldeen, who serves as Special Advisor to the Chair on Hispanic Engagement, led in some private meetings and roundtable discussions in Dallas along with Congressman Pete Sessions and Dallas County Chair Missy Shorey. Again and again we’re hearing how critical it is for urban areas to engage with minorities — and how important it is to use issue-based advocacy to share our values as a means of bringing all communities on board as conservative voters. I’m glad we’re able to provide resources and expertise toward this end.

Our team will be participating in Cruz Crew’s Day of Action this Saturday, June 2. You can get in on the action, too! Please contact Kristy (KWilkinson@gop.com) who can connect you to the team in your area.

We welcomed a new team member as we continue to expand our field outreach even more. Stephen Chavez (SChavez@texasgop.org) joined us as a Field Organizer in the Greater Houston area. Stephen, a new graduate from Ole Miss, is working with Mark Irey, our Regional Field Organizer in Houston. Together they are engaging with those from all communities to share the Republican message and grow excitement for our Republican candidates.

The entire team continues engagement efforts through blockwalking, volunteer trainings, one-on-one meetings, attending events, and plugging into their communities with the help of great interns. If you know anyone looking for a summer opportunity don’t hesitate to reach out to Stephen Wong (Swong@texasgop.org). Their hard work will help give us the best possible results in November.

Party News

Last week, Republican Primary voters made their final picks on the Republican nominees for the General Election, and I’d like to congratulate our final slate of nominees on their Primary and Runoff victories.

It is now more important than ever that Republicans across the state come together in unity to fight to elect our great slate of nominees. I look forward to working with all of them to making certain Texas remains free, prosperous, and strong!

Last week was also the start of our summer internship semester. We’re blessed to have five amazing interns on board for the next few months: Josh, Lorelei, Max, Nick, and Sean. They’re already hard at work answering phones, walking people through convention registration, helping us prepare for convention, and more. If you’re interested in an RPT internship, it’s not too early to apply for this fall! See more information here.

Here’s the latest on our State Convention — which is only two weeks out!

  • You may pre-register online (CLICK HERE) through June 10th. Please be sure you’ve pre-registered to avoid long lines! If you miss the deadline, you can still register on-site as a delegate, alternate, or guest.
  • Dr. Ben Carson will be our keynote speaker at the Gala banquet! Tickets are still available — add one to your registration before we sell out!
  • The Grassroots Club breakfast is open exclusively to current GRC members (no additional spouses or family members unless they are also GRC members). Please join the GRC by June 10th to be included, or you can sign up at the door.
  • Be prepared to be the best delegate possible! Watch our basic convention training video here.
  • Questions? Email delegates@texasgop.org for the best response.

We will hold a leadership webinar on how to run your SD Caucus on Tuesday June 5th at 7:00 p.m. If you are a caucus chair, secretary, or other assistant in your SD caucus, please plan to listen in. Join us online at http://join.freeconferencecall.com/rptcalls or via phone at 712-770-5246 using access code 206161#. Contact Brandon Moore or Joanna Kitchen for details (bmoore@texasgop.orgjkitchen@texasgop.org).

In Case You Missed It . . .


Coming Up Next

June 4: Convention training in Austin (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)
June 5: Chairman Dickey speaking in Llano (more info: rmalone@texasgop.org)
June 6: Convention training in Kerrville (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)
June 7: Chairman Dickey & convention training with Young Republicans in Austin (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)
June 9: convention training in Beeville (more info: delegates@texasgop.org)


James Dickey

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Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.21.2018

Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.21.2018

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Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.14.2018

Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.14.2018

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Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.8.2018

Chairman Dickey’s Update – 5.8.2018

Fellow Texas Republicans,

I’d like to extend my warmest thanks and appreciation to all of you who worked hard over the past several weeks to help Republicans and Republican issues win at the ballot box in the municipal elections held last Saturday across Texas. Congratulations to all of our Republicans candidates who won seats on city councils and school boards! You, our local candidates, are the key to building our bench and keeping conservative principles implemented in government in every corner of Texas.

People & Places

This past week has been full travels and of meeting wonderful people from all over Texas and beyond!

Last weekend I was pleased to attend the NRA Annual Meeting with other proud NRA members. I am not at all surprised that our great state set a new record of 87,154 attendees, and I was honored to welcome NRA to Texas when I spoke during their grassroots panel presentation. Our Operations Director Rachel Malone was one of the panelists and provided insight to the attendees on engaging more effectively with millennials and Gen Z — including through promoting constitutional carry in Texas.

Many Texas Republicans were in attendance, including SREC Committeeman Randy Dunning (SD-16) and several precinct chairs. I’d like to thank President Trump and Vice-President Pence and our great Texas Republican leadership for their presence over the weekend — including Governor Greg Abbott, US Senator Ted Cruz, US Representative Pete Sessions, and State Senator Konni Burton. I especially appreciated our President’s speech about the importance of standing up for the inalienable right of all people to defend themselves and their property.

Prior to the NRA Annual Meeting, I traveled to Miami, FL for the Republican National Committee spring meeting. Texas is represented by three Members: myself, National Committeewoman Toni Anne Dashiell, and National Committeeman Robin Armstrong. On the final day, Robin and I were joined by National Federation of Republican Women President Jody Rushton who carried Toni Anne’s proxy.

The members adopted 6 resolutions – including one which I co-sponsored regarding the federal government not using taxpayer dollars from successful states to bail out states who have ruined their own economies:

“Resolved, Congress should pass, and the President sign, a bill providing that no debt of any Municipality or State shall ever be paid for by Federal Taxes or become the obligation of Federal Taxpayers resulting from the default, restructuring or transfer of those obligations made by them. This law should allow for, should Congress so elect to do so, the use of funds for local police, fire and other emergency personnel and equipment (to exclude pension funding) necessary to provide for the immediate security, health and safety of local citizens.”

We also amended the RNC rules in two areas: allowing the convention arrangements committee chair to be appointed earlier in the convention planning process, and doing away with the standing committee on convention debates (but still allowing for an ad hoc debate committee to be appointed).

In addition to the business, I was honored to attend special events with Lara Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. And of course, I spent my spare minutes making calls our Party’s supporters to let them know about the wonderful opportunities we still have for convention sponsorships and booths!

The next RNC meeting will be held in Austin, July 18-21. See more information, including how you can attend as a guest, on our facebook event pageI hope to see many of you there!

Report from the Field

Last Saturday, May 5, our field team joined with Governor Abbott’s team and many volunteers for an outreach initiative called “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” All told, over 300 volunteers knocked on over 15,000 doors in 25 cities on that one day alone.

Our Republican leadership invested personal time and energy in the effort as well — including Harris County Chair Paul Simpson (pictured) who kicked off a Houston event, and Governor Greg Abbott, who worked with a team to knock doors and visit with voters (pictured in Dallas). Many thanks to those who joined in the gatherings across the state and the many volunteers who helped us reach this amazing goal!

This week we welcome Assistant Data Director Julian Bost (jbost@texasgop.org). Julian, a Corpus Christi native, who will work closely with Spencer Davis to better serve the data needs of our county parties and candidates. As you may have heard, our data program has grown exponentially since last summer, with users growing from the hundreds to the thousands. Please join us in welcoming Julian — and stay tuned for more information to come!

Party News

Five weeks from today our convention committees will be in full swing, taking testimony from delegates and alternates and preparing their reports for the State Convention. I certainly hope you will be a part of that important decision process! Find more information about our state convention atwww.texasgop.org/state-convention-2018/.

Here are some helpful items related to convention and upcoming elections:

  • If you’re a delegate, alternate, or guest planning on joining us in San Antonio and haven’t registered for the convention yet, please do so at:https://events.american-tradeshow.com/TXGOPfed

  • If you’ve already registered for convention and are trying to login to your account to add tickets to events, etc. and are receiving a message that says incorrect email or password, please make sure you are using the link you received in your confirmation email and the most recent password for the account.

  • If there are Primary Runoffs in your county, early voting is next week (May 14th-18th) and Election Day is the following Tuesday (May 22nd)

  • You can look up your voter registration status, polling location, etc. at:https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/voterDetails.do (Please note: it may redirect you to your county’s voter registration site)

In Case You Missed It . . .

Press Release: 

Coming Up Next

May 9: Chairman Dickey speaking to Woodlands Republican Women (more info)
May 11: Last day to apply for ballot by mail.
May 12: Chairman Dickey at SD-26 pre-convention barbecue
May 14: Early voting begins for the May 22nd runoff
May 22: Runoff election (various counties)
May 23: Chairman Dickey at the San Antonio Republican Club luncheon

Also, please join our facebook group for the RPT State convention if you will be attending! CLICK HERE.


James Dickey

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Chairman Dickey Update – 4.25.2018

Chairman Dickey Update – 4.25.2018

Fellow Texas Republicans,

In the past week, we’ve held a statewide RPTServes Day of Action, celebrated San Jacinto Day, and begun early voting for local elections. We’ve also opened registration for our State Convention in San Antonio June 11-16 (click here if you haven’t already registered!) It’s an exciting time to be a Republican in Texas.

People & Places

Last week, I traveled to Houston to speak at the San Jacinto Republican Women meeting; it was a great chance to see SREC members Tammie Nielsen (SD-6) and Tanya Robertson (SD-11). While in the area, I stopped by the Kingwood Tea Party where Governor Abbott was speaking and visited with more dedicated Republican grassroots.

I also visited the McClennan County Republican Club in Waco, where I addressed delegates from the area who will be at our State Convention, and those who are interested in knowing more about the process and how important it is.

I had the pleasure of visiting with two county chairs — Eastland County Chair Sean Schaefer in Cisco, and Taylor County Chair Winston Ohlhausen in Abilene — along with their respective county executive committees. On the same trip I met with Hamilton County Chair Cat Parks to hear her input. It’s always energizing to be able to meet with our hardworking county chairs and precinct chairs to get their feedback, be sure their concerns are addressed, and discuss my vision for the party.

In Arlington, I was able to catch up with Rep. Zedler and some of his enthusiastic supporters while in his district

As we all know, during midterm elections it’s crucial that we are all working hard to beat the Democrats and let them know that not on our watch will we allow any intrusion into our state. With that in mind, I joined one of Governor Abbott’s field organizers in blockwalking in Arlington in support of Senator Konni Burton. Konni won her seat from Wendy Davis, and it’s critical that we help her keep it this cycle.

I also blockwalked with the Heart of Texas Young Republicans in support of Cedar Park City Council candidates Mel Kirkland, Dorian Chavez, and Mike Guevara — all of whom are strong Republicans being opposed by Democrats. I joined Reps. Tony Dale and Terry Wilson, County Chair Bill Fairbrother, and former Councilman Lyle Grimes. I’m glad to see all of these individuals realizing the seriousness of local elections, I’m proud of their investment of time and resources into helping these candidates, and I’m glad I was personally able to offer my support.

I encourage all of you to reach out to campaigns for Republicans running for school board and city council in your areas and do all you can to help them win. We need to build our bench with conservatives in every corner of Texas, and that will take all of us working together, each doing our part.

RPTServes special report

Our Vice Chair Amy Clark led the efforts to put on an RPT Serves Week last week and facilitated RPT affiliates in organizing projects in which Republicans in every area of Texas could take part. Special thank you to First Lady Cecilia Abbott for supporting RPTServes Week and spreading awareness about our cause to put our principles in action!

I could not agree with Amy more in her statement: “When we serve one another, we are practicing what we preach: that limited government and personal responsibility is the key to unlimited opportunity and freedom in our society.”

Thank you to the volunteers who participated in RPTServes projects including these:

  • In Floresville, serving at the Frank M. Tejeda Texas State Veterans Home,
  • In El Paso, blessing the fire fighters and the Rescue Mission,
  • In Corpus Christi, cleaning up the beach with the General Land Office’s Adopt-a-Beach Program,
  • In Dallas, cleaning up for Earth X and helping at the North Texas Food Bank,
  • In Eastland County, collecting items for the Open Door Pregnancy Resource Center,
  • In Houston, being “Recycling Ambassadors” for Earth Day Houston, and In San Antonio, helping at the San Antonio Food Bank.

Report from the Field

In addition to leading RPTServes efforts in their regions, our field team were also busy with standard field work, voter contact, and volunteer recruitment. In Dallas, Joel James and his team manned a booth at the EarthX conference to promote the Party and recruit volunteers. In Wills, TX, Mark Irey led an RLI for another group of eager volunteers. In Corpus Christi, Jesse Grady presented to the Nueces County Republican Club.

Party News

Early voting is in progress for the May 5 Municipal Election. Please see these two guides that we’ve prepared to help you effectively promote Republican candidates and issues:

See www.votetexas.gov for information on when and where you can vote.

The Republican Party of Texas is happy to be able to provide staff support for local candidates who are identifiable Republicans. More information and an application form can be found here. Please note that requests should come through county parties or include affirmations of support from county chairs.

Registration for the State Convention is now open to all delegates, alternates, and guests! Please click here to register.

Last but not least, we’ve posted complete information on temporary caucus chairs and temporary committee chairs and membership — including names, email addresses, and phone numbers. See that in the “Committees and Caucuses” section of our State Convention page (click here to view).

In Case You Missed It . . .

News Articles:

Coming Up Next

April 30: Officials Committee telephone meeting
April 30: Leadership Webinar for county chairs & county party staff
May 2-5: RNC Spring Meeting in Miami (more info)
May 9: Chairman Dickey speaking to Woodlands Republican Women (more info)

Also, please join our facebook group for the RPT State convention if you will be attending! CLICK HERE.


James Dickey

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