Update from Chairman Dickey, December 2019

Dear Fellow Texas Republicans,

The holiday season has wrapped up and we are officially in 2020. As 2019 came to a close, the Republican Party of Texas was busy preparing for November 2020. December wrapped up candidate filing for the Republican primary. Last month we confirmed that there is a Republican candidate challenging every Democrat in all 36 Congressional districts and all targeted State Representative races. The number of women running for office in Texas also doubled compared to the 2018 Primary.

A crucial part of achieving these outstanding results was the Candidate Recruiting Task Force which was led by Hamilton County GOP Chair Cat Parks. The program was a huge success for recruiting candidates and accomplishing one of the Republican Party of Texas’ top campaign priorities – challenging every Democrat incumbent in Congress and  targeted State House races. 

In December, I traveled to Washington, D.C. for my quarterly visit with the Texas Republican Congressional Delegation. While there, I attended a press conference on the importance of passing the United States, Mexico and Canada Trade Agreement. 

At the 4th Quarter SREC Meeting, we held the Volunteer of the Year dinner with Senator John Cornyn to celebrate and honor the outstanding volunteers that are the foundation of our work. I am extremely thankful for our volunteers across the state who are putting in the work to keep Texas red. If you want to help us keep Texas red, please text VEP to 72000 now and we’ll get you plugged in. 

Other pictures from the month of November:

I attended a luncheon in Dallas with Ambassador Nikki Haley to hear about her experiences as a U.S. Ambassador. While in Washington, D.C. I had a meeting at the White House. I also attended the RNC White House Christmas Party. I had the honor of attending the Helping a Hero Gala where wounded heroes were honored for this service to our great country. I attended Governor and First Lady Abbott’s Annual Christmas Party at the Governor’s Mansion.

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Weekly Chairman’s Report (Nov 6-Nov 13)

November 13, 2017

Dear Texas Republicans,

Filing season has begun! Saturday was the beginning of the month-long window during which candidates may file for a place on the Republican Primary ballot. RPT headquarters saw a steady stream of officeholders and candidates throughout the day, as did counties across the state of Texas.

I am eager to see as many Republicans as possible file for public office, and I am excited that the Republican Party of Texas is prepared to offer all of our candidates equal access to our first-class resources free of charge. Running for office is never a decision to be taken lightly. I am grateful for those who have considered the personal and financial cost and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to serve.

I was honored to address the Austin Republican Club on Tuesday. I spoke to them of the importance of being involved in theprocess — whether filing as a candidate for office, serving as a delegate to the Republican conventions, or volunteering their time in other ways. While there, I saw Jan Duncan and Fernando Trevino (SREC members from SD 14), Third Court of Appeals Justice David Puryear, and multiple candidates for the open Third Court of Appeals seat.

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen visited Sutherland Springs on Wednesday for a prayer vigil remembering the victims of this tragic mass shooting. I offered him my heartfelt thanks for taking the time to visit our state while we grieve with the Sutherland Springs community.

It was my privilege to join Governor Abbott in honoring veterans on Saturday. Since the founding of our country, our military and their families have sacrificed much, being willing to lay down their lives for the hope of fighting for freedom for all Americans. Veterans’ Day is a yearly reminder of the honor we always want to show to those who have served.

I was also fortunate on Saturday to join the Republican Women of Yoakum Area to participate in recognizing the milestone of their 50th Anniversary. It was a pleasure to present them with a commemorative plaque and to congratulate them on their club’s success.

Our regional field directors throughout Texas focused on personal visits last week in order to follow up with the many interested individuals they met while blockwalking. It is encouraging to see them expanding their reach by training and mentoring these active and engaged volunteers. The volunteer teams that our field staff are building will block walk, register new voters, and engage with current voters throughout the next year in order to secure Republican wins. The Republican Leadership Initiative trainings continue to remain a focus as we build to capacity for 2018.

Data Director Spencer Davis has been working directly with Republican candidates and is able to offer data access and personalized insight for their ground game. Blockwalking continues to be a critical tool in any campaign, and Spencer works hard to ensure that all of our candidates have access to the necessary data for this. Each candidate who files receives a packet that includes a data center application to be sure all candidates are aware that the GOP Data Center and the Advantage blockwalk app are free services provided to them by the RNC and RPT.

Our office staff has done an incredible job of preparing for filing season, and I could not have been more pleased with how smoothly our first day of filing ran. I’d like to give Organization Director Brandon Moore a special thank you for all the hours he dedicated to making it a success, along with Assistant Primary Administrator Joanna Kitchen, volunteer and former Tarrant County Chair Jennifer Hall, and the rest of our staff who each participated and filled their roles with excellence.

During the rest of the month, our office will be open M-F, 9am-5pm, with only a few exceptions. See detailed filing information at

Pictured are some of those who worked at headquarters on Filing Day. See more pictures from the day here.

Our County Chairs across the state also deserve praise for the extraordinary amount of work they are doing during this month of filing. To all of you: thank you for making it possible for voters to elect Republicans.

Speaking of County Chairs – I appointed several highly-recommended individuals to fill vacant county chair spots this past week. Our new county chairs are Joni Clonts (Houston County), Alec Wallace (Crosby County), and Tammy Smith (Upton County).

The Officials Committee of the SREC met by telephone last Friday to begin our budget discussions for 2018. We focused on the core operating expenses. I’m grateful for the expertise we have on the Officials Committee, with small business owners, consultants, accountants, and others with helpful backgrounds. These capable individuals carry out their responsibilities with the effort and seriousness required.

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Nov. 21: Officials Committee Meeting call to discuss 2018 budget

Dec. 1-2: 4th Quarterly SREC meeting — join the facebook event page here!

It’s not too late to decide to run for office! Filing period is open until December 11 at 6pm. For more information on candidacy and filing requirements, see our Candidate page:


James Dickey

Not the time to politicize gun deaths

This originally ran in San Antonio Express-News on Monday, October 16, 2017.

A nation’s response to a tragedy is a telling sign of the heart of its people.

Our nation is reeling from recent events. On Oct. 1, innocent concert-goers in Las Vegas became victims of one of the most heinous, senseless acts of violence our nation has ever seen. More recently, violence struck in our own state when a 19-year-old Texas Tech University student fatally shot a police officer.

Texas leadership immediately offered their heartfelt condolences and prayers. Gov. Greg Abbott stated, “Texas mourns and prays for the victims of this tragedy, and the entire Las Vegas community, in this time of unimaginable pain.”

I also reached out to the Nevada Republican Party leadership to see how Texans could offer assistance to their hurting people.

As the victims in Vegas were still being counted, I was disappointed to see Democrats attacking Republicans who believe in the constitutionally protected right to own and bear arms. A CBS executive made the heartless statement that the concert-goers did not deserve sympathy, as they were likely Republicans, and was promptly fired.

Following the shooting at Texas Tech, the Democratic Party of Texas sent out a tweet blaming concealed carry on college campuses, ignoring the fact that the murderer was already ineligible for a concealed carry license, and forcing it to send a correction with an apology.

When tragedies strike, such as what we saw in Las Vegas and Texas Tech University, this is not the time for divisiveness. We should grieve with our fellow man and never become callous to the loss of life by any means. We should desire to comfort the hurting and to serve them.

Tragedies should never be politicized by our leaders. That only increases the pain and hinders the healing.

It is equally important in times like these to not allow heightened emotions to dictate policy when it could have lasting negative effects on our rights. The most basic, God-given right is the right to life, and the right to defend life must be protected.

As Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, himself a victim of a mass shooting, said recently, “The problem is not that there are too many guns. It’s that there are people that will go out and break the law, whether it’s a gun or some other weapon or a bomb.”

Scalise continued, “The only thing that gets reported are the tragedies. But it rarely gets reported when somebody actually uses their Second Amendment right with a gun to protect themselves against a criminal.”

What we experienced as a nation these past few weeks was terrible and tragic. At this time, motives for the two senseless acts of violence remain unknown. What is known is that the loss of life is always a tragedy, with real, grieving families affected.

We can and will respond with compassion by reaching out in any way we can to help heal the hurting. We extend our heartfelt condolences to those affected by these horrific acts.

We will also respond with truth by honoring the constitutionally protected right of the people to keep and bear arms, which serves a necessary purpose. Not only is it the right by which all other rights are protected, it also makes us more secure in a world where people would do harm to others.

James Dickey is chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and former chairman of the Travis County Republican Party.

RPT Chairman James Dickey Statement on the Hiring of John Drogin as Senior Political Advisor


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Austin- “We could not be more excited to welcome John Drogin to the RPT as our Senior Political Advisor. Drogin offers insight and wisdom after years of working with both of our sitting Texas Senators. His expertise in strategic organization will be invaluable as the RPT seeks to provide support to our candidates in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections.

Drogin’s experience serving in the roles of campaign manager, state director, and strategic consultant for Senators Cornyn and Cruz, combined with countless years of other political experience, provides him with a well-seasoned perspective. The Party will benefit from his wealth of knowledge as we work toward further advancing the Platform, principles, and vision entrusted to us by Republicans across Texas.”


RPT Chairman James Dickey Statement on the Gunman at Congressional Baseball Practice


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

“Texas Republicans join all Americans in prayer for Congressman Scalise, Congressional staff and family, and everyone who was affected by the horrific shooting this morning. As Texans, we pray especially for the quick recovery of the staffer of Rep. Roger Williams who was wounded. We give thanks that the immediate response of brave law enforcement officers prevented a greater tragedy.

Today our members of Congress will get back to what we sent them to Washington to do: work out the differences that divide us, and make America a better place. It is their work — not violence against fellow Americans we may disagree with — that will move our nation forward.”


RPT Chairman James Dickey Statement on the Comey Hearings


Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Austin- “Today’s hearings proved to the American people that the investigation into the President’s staff have been full of misinformation. The fact that Mr. Comey willingly leaked part of a memo to a friend in hopes of getting a special counsel appointed is telling of how political Mr. Comey has truly become.”


Email: Donors Are Getting Excited

Dear Fellow Texas Republican,

I was in Houston yesterday, where I had the privilege of meeting with Vice President Mike Pence. Let me tell you, there is excitement about the direction of our Party. We are not waiting to make moves to ensure the conservative future of Texas and you shouldn’t either. In fact, one donor contacted me and graciously offered to match all contributions from the grassroots between now and Friday up to $10,000! They want to know the excitement is really there and I need your help to prove it.

Let’s show the donors and the Vice President that we are working hard to keep Texas in the Republican column!  The Democrats aren’t taking any breaks and neither should we!  Every contribution made for the rest of the week will be doubled and that means double the work we are able to do to preserve conservative Texas values.

Please consider contributing today no matter how much! Anything you can chip in will be doubled and everything helps us in the fight for conservatism!

Thank You and God Bless Texas,

James Dickey
Republican Party of Texas

P.S. Please click here to contribute whatever you might be able to afford. Every amount helps us in our efforts to preserve conservative values in Texas!

Paid for by the Republican Party of Texas and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Chairman Dickey Statement on Becoming the Texas GOP Chairman

Austin- “I am truly honored to have been elected by the State Republican Executive Committee today as your new Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. Now that the election is over, I am asking SREC Members and Texas Republicans to join me in unifying our Party and rally behind our conservative principles. I thank everyone who supported me throughout this campaign. I thank Rick Figueroa for his efforts to help the party and I look forward to working with him to unify and grow the party. The work continues immediately to Keep Texas Red and prepare for a successful midterm election in 2018.”


Good Local News Coverage for the Travis County Republican Party

Good Local News Coverage for the Travis County Republican Party

It’s so great to be back to the point where the focus of the local news is on the good things happening in the Travis County Republican Party.

Time Warner Cable news published this story on the my election Tuesday night and the Travis County Republican Party moving forward to focus on supporting the amazing slate of candidates we have in this election.

Time Warner Cable on Election of new TCRP Chair

I also did a live piece last night on Fox 7 about what lies ahead for the party. I’ll add that as well once it’s available.