Kaye T. Goolsby Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“In the race for Chair, only one candidate has the experience and the results to Keep Texas Red in November – James Dickey. He is the leader our Party needs. Please join me in voting to re-elect James as Chair of the Republican Party of Texas”

– Kaye T. Goolsby,

National Federation of Republican Women Board Member* ,
Texas Federation of Republican Women Board Member*,
Former Vice-President of Legislation & Former Vice-President of Finance of Texas Federation of Republican Women*,
National Grassroots Chair for Ted Cruz,
Ken Paxton Campaign Statewide Leadership Chair
*for identification purposes only

SREC Member Mark Ramsey, SD 7 Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

Having worked closely with Chair James Dickey over the past 11 months, I enthusiastically support James Dickey for re-election as RPT Chair. James has been doing an extraordinary job. He has proven relationships on local, state, and national levels, including prior Chairs, the Governor, Legislative leaders, and the White House. His strong and effective support of our conservative grassroots-generated platform has resulted in a resurgence – to record levels – of donations to the party by conservative donors large and small. He has supported the platform at every opportunity and he has been fair and transparent in his dealings with all. James has lived and breathed grassroots politics and fought alongside us in the grassroots for over a decade. He is also a strong man of faith and prayer. I trust James Dickey to keep RPT strong and lead us in this midterm election to Keep Texas Red! Vote to Keep James Dickey RPT Chair at State Convention!” 
– State Republican Executive Committee Member Mark Ramsey, SD 7

Senator Bryan Hughes Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“James Dickey has been a workhorse for the Republican Party of Texas. He’a a tireless champion for our principles and he is an aggressive and effective fundraiser. James has vigorously expanded our reach in the field, online and in person. James is a grassroots guy that those of us in the trenches can identify with. He’s also an articulate advocate. I am endorsing James Dickey for re-election because I trust his leadership and his vision to win in November and ride that victory for Republican success into the next Session. Please join me in Keeping James Dickey RPT Chairman.”- Bryan Hughes, State Senator, District 1

Grassroots America PAC Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“We strongly and enthusiastically endorse Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey for re-election. James Dickey has made good on his promises to support the conservative party platform and the efforts of grassroots leaders to hold Republican officials accountable when they fail to support the Party’s core principles. Chairman Dickey’s transparency and accessible leadership style have inspired confidence in his ability to make the Republican Party of Texas stand for something distinctly different from the other party. Texans crave bold conservatism that fights for less government and more freedom and fights for the Texas values that have made our state great!

“We need James Dickey in the fight to keep Texas strong as a leading voice for conservatism in our nation. We encourage Texas Republican Convention delegates to unite behind James Dickey for RPT Chairman.”

– JoAnn Fleming, Exec. Dir., Grassroots America – We the People PAC.

Young Conservatives of Texas Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“James Dickey has proven himself to be a Conservative stalwart as Chairman of the Republican Party of TExas. We proudly endorse him for his re-election, as we did last summer when he first ran. He has led the party with conviction and proven to be a staunch supporter of transparency and accountability.”

– Caroline Chadwick, State Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas

Generation Now Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

To the Delegates and Alternates of the Republican Party of Texas Convention,

We the undersigned young Republican leaders are proud to personally endorse James Dickey for re-election as the Republican Party of Texas Chairman.
In his 10 months at the helm of the RPT, Chairman Dickey has already had extraordinary success in building relationships between young leaders and the older generations in our party.
When Chairman Dickey was elected, a couple of his first acts included obtaining sign language interpreters for SREC meetings and encouraging auxiliaries to participate in debate at these meetings as their ex-officio status would allow. The Texas Young Republican Federation, the Texas Federation of College Republicans, and all other auxiliaries had a real voice on the SREC and were finally allowed to use it.
Chairman Dickey then opened up the resources of the party to young Republican leaders when he invited the Texas Young Republicans to be partners in the Grassroots Club. They created YRGrassroots.com to bring in monthly donors and to help the party. These type of win-win scenarios have helped all of us grow.
Chairman Dickey has also taken the time to travel the state speaking to young Republican groups from the Valley to North Texas. He utilizes modern technology to send a video or speak via live-stream when necessary, but he consistently makes the time to actually go and see the people face-to-face. He answers their concerns and shows that he cares for them and their success in our party. Chairman Dickey understands that outreach is not just telling others what you believe, but listening.
However, we have come together to endorse Chairman James Dickey for re-election not solely based on any big project, but based on his heart, character, passion, and humility that shines through it all. We believe he recognizes and has acted upon the belief that our generation is not just the future of the party – we are the “Now” of the party.
Many of us may view ourselves in different places within the party, but we can still come together under Chairman Dickey’s leadership. Thanks to his actions, the relationship between young Republican groups and the RPT is stronger than ever.
For all of these reasons and more, we are proud to endorse Chairman James Dickey for re-election, and we hope you will join us in voting for him at our State Convention.

Texas Values Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

James Dickey has courageously led the Republican Party of Texas in upholding its strong pro-family platform that supports religious liberty, marriage between one man and one woman, innocent human life, and common sense privacy protections. His leadership, focus on outreach, engaging the grassroots, and holding elected officials accountable for failing to support the party’s principles has energized activists across the state. Texas Values Action is proud to endorse James Dickey, RPT Chairman for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas.”
– Jonathan Saenz, President, Texas Values Action