Chairman West’s Monday Message for 12.7.20

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Georgia and Texas: The Inextricable Bond of Liberty

Greetings everyone, and Merry Christmas to y’all! Please remember to keep Christ in Christmas. He is, indeed, the reason for this season.

In this season, politically, everyone is focused on the Peach State of Georgia. There are those who mistakenly believe that I am from Florida. The truth is, after my retirement from the US Army in 2004 — from Ft. Hood, Texas, by the way — I turned to my wife Angela and committed to follow her. See, Angela not only married a career Army man, her own dad was a career Army man. So, when Angela got the offer to continue her career as a financial advisor in South Florida, near many of her Jamaican relatives, we settled there.

But, in 2014 we got the opportunity to return to the Lone Star State, where Angela’s mom and dad lived. We returned.

I am a native son of Georgia, and very proud of that. Georgia is historic, one of the thirteen original colonies that signed onto the Declaration of Independence and established these United States of America. Georgia is a beautiful state with mountains, rolling hills, and a beautiful coastline with barrier islands. It is known as the Peach State: folks know it for its peanuts, and, along with Texas, it is a major producer of pecans. Georgia is a major agricultural state, and has some of the most strategically important military installations, and is the largest state east of the Mississippi River.

But, the bond, the history, that Georgia shares with Texas is special. It is a bond forged in the fight for liberty and Texas’ independence.

There are five Georgians listed on the Cenotaph, the memorial to the 183 defenders of The Alamo. Their names are Albert Calvin Grimes, William Wells, Manson Shield, Edwin T. Mitchell, and William T. Malone. Their names shall always be remembered for their stand in those 13 glorious days. There is also one other who gave his life at The Alamo who has a tie back to Georgia, his name is Jim Bowie. There is a possibility that Bowie spent early years in Georgia. His mother and father were settled there. He is listed as being born in Kentucky.

However, there is no debate about these three gentlemen and their history in Georgia, and their service to Texas. Col. James Fanin attended the University of Georgia, transferred to West Point, but was not successful. He returned back to Georgia and was in Columbus when he heard the call of liberty. Mirabeau Lamar was born in Louisville, Georgia, but found his way to Texas to answer the call of liberty. Thomas Jefferson Rusk was born in South Carolina, but was practicing law in Clarkesville, Georgia when he answered the call of liberty in the Lone Star State.

If you know your Texas history, you know that Fanin won fame at the Battle of Concepcion, but was executed after the massacre of his men at La Bahia, just south of Goliad, Texas. I have been there to pay homage to my fellow Georgian.

Mirabeau Lamar went on to be the President and Vice President of the Republic of Texas, and Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, is named after him. And, Thomas J. Rusk was the first Secretary of War for the Republic of Texas.

As well, it was an 18-year-old girl from Macon, Georgia, just north of where my mom was born and raised, who created the Troutman Flag. It was the white and blue flag that featured a Lone Star and the words “Liberty or Death.” The flag was brought to Texas by a group of Georgia volunteers.

As Georgians answered the call of liberty in Texas, and came to its aid back in 1835-1836, so Texans now are answering the call in Georgia.

My native state is facing the onslaught of the new tyranny, that of progressive socialism. When we hear the assertion of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), “first we change Georgia, then we change America.” it should rally us all to the Peach State.

Texans just held off the $61 million challenge of the left to undermine our individual rights and the freedoms we enjoy. Now, Texans are lining up, heading east on I-20 to take a stand beside Georgians, to stand upon freedom’s rampart, and defend liberty.

What has happened in Georgia is part of the strategic plan of the left in America. The leftists are fleeing their own failed states — California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey — and infiltrating strong conservative red states, like Georgia, Texas, and Florida, bringing their failed ideology. They are settling into the major population centers, where you witness the greatest failure of leftist, Democrat, policies. In Georgia, the Atlanta-Fulton County metropolitan area is dominating the political atmosphere. We face a similar challenge here in Texas with Houston-Harris County, Dallas-Dallas County, Austin-Travis County, and San Antonio-Bexar County being ruled by the progressive socialists of the left. The same has been replicated in other states that were once red, conservative: Nevada, Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia.

Georgians once deployed to Texas to fight. Now, we as Texas must deploy to Georgia for the same. I am deeply humbled to be a native son of Georgia who came to Texas, and now calls it home, similar to Mirabeau Lamar and Thomas Rusk. I am blessed to have the same resolve and courage as Fanin, and those five who are named on the Cenotaph who were willing to give their lives for Texas. And, I am excited to be able to head back to my birth state of Georgia and carry on the fight for liberty.

There are two states that share an inextricable bond of liberty with Texas, one is Tennessee, where I attended university. The other is Georgia. How awesome it is to have been born and raised in Georgia, gone to school and earn the title of Tennessee Volunteer, and now live in Texas.

Damn, y’all, it just doesn’t get any better than that! “Liberty or Death!”

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

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Chairman West’s Monday Message for 10.19.20

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If you don’t vote for the Progressive Socialist Left, You Ain’t _____

Yes, early voting has begun, but last week’s big news story was the SCOTUS nomination hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. As I watched the highlights and listened to the absurd line of questioning emanating from the Democrats, it became very apparent that with Judge Barrett, there is no “sisterhood of the traveling pants” when it comes to a non-leftist woman.

Then again, this is a recurring theme with the left. That is why the title of this missive permits you to fill in the blank.

It is obvious that, for the Democrats, you are not a woman if you do not embrace their “dogma.” Judge Barrett is highly qualified, and the fact that she could respond to the insidious inquiries of Democrat senators without notes is evidence of her masterful demeanor and competence. However, that has little to meaning to the left.

If one was to do a side by side analysis of Justice Elena Kagan and Judge Barrett, it is hands down who the superior nominee is. But, the bottom line is that Kagan was nominated by Barack Obama, and therefore she fits the left’s definition of a woman. The left defines a woman as someone who believes that murdering unborn children is a valid means of birth control. And, any woman that does not accept that premise, up to actual birth, is for them, not a woman.

Judge Barrett’s hearing last week was the epitome of leftist identity politics. For the progressive socialist left, your skin color, sex, and any other divisive characteristic defines your ideological thinking. It is the most basic expression of fascism that one could ever comprehend. Being a woman means being leftist, and if you are not a leftist, well, then, fill in the blank.

The same goes for those conservative, Orthodox Jews, who have shed the shackles of leftism. There is no doubt that President Trump has done more for the Jewish community than any other president, certainly more than Barack Obama. However, you ain’t, fill in the blank, if you do not vote for the progressive socialist left. That is the case regardless of the fact that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio — whose real name is Warren Wilhelm, Jr. — is sending officers into Jewish temples to enforce his idiotic, and anti-Semitic, edicts. But, since these are the folks who are not voting for Democrats, then they ain’t really Jewish anyway. Who cares that they support the president who actually did move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the rightful capital of the Jewish State of Israel. Those who are happy about that ain’t, well, just fill in the blank.

Let’s not forget, that the Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden, vehemently stated to Blacks, that you ain’t, fill in the blank, if you are confused about who you are voting for. That condescending and offensive bit of word-vomit caused me to respond immediately with a video which you can view below. How utterly racist to assert that my skin color is the basis upon which I am supposed to think. Yet, I have not heard any leftist media outlet ask Joe Biden what he meant with that statement. The answer for this dismissal and oversight is that the Democrats are all in agreement — along with enablers in the Black community, just as with the Jewish community — that they are the ones who define your thoughts.

That is what I refer to as collective subjugation. It is when these socialist, Marxist, progressives eliminate individual thought and replace it with collectivism. You are no longer seen as a person, you are just as Bob Seger once sang, “I Feel Like a Number.” And, it is reflective of the old Star Trek: Next Generation adversary, The Borg. Some of us remember the Borg’s mantra: “resistance is futile, you will assimilate.” To those who refuse to assimilate, such as conservative women, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians — whoever — you are then targeted for persecution, ridicule, and disparagement.

That is what you saw last week during the hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. It was what you saw also with the SCOTUS hearing of Justice Clarence Thomas, who correctly referred to his inquisition as a “high tech lynching.” And, just who was leading the Senate Judiciary Committee lynching of a highly qualified Black conservative nominee? Yes, none other than Joe Biden, who says, “you ain’t Black if you are confused about who to vote for.”

So why do we allow the party of systemic racism, sexism, and every other -ism, to get away with their abhorrent behavior?

It is my hope and prayer that this election cycle, America — Texas — will awaken and deliver a resounding electoral punishment to these racists and sexists. War on women? Yes, that would be the Democrats. Soft bigotry of low expectations? Yes, the Democrats, again. Heck, the Party of the Jackass has now even gone so far as to deem the traditional nuclear family as a symbol of racism, and White Supremacy. Therefore, you ain’t a family unless you are what the progressive socialist left calls a family. Here I thought my wife Angela and I had done so well, being married for 30 years and having raised two beautiful daughters. According to the Democrats, we are neither Black, nor a family. We are demeaned and denigrated because we do not want to be slaves on the 21st-century economic plantation of the left, and we seek to be an intelligent couple who can think for ourselves.

Texas is known for, defined by, and regarded for its rugged individual determination, will, and drive. It is that which makes that Texas aura, a distinctive character. Why would anyone vote for, support, and embrace the ideal of the fascist progressive socialists who punish you for not embracing group-think, based upon identity?

I am a Texan. I am a Christian constitutional conservative. I am a soldier, husband, and dad. I am an American Black man who proudly thinks for himself, and, I will never surrender to the collective subjugation of the progressive socialist left.

The question is, will you?

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

Chairman West’s Monday Message for 10.12.20

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And so it begins…What’s at stake?

Yes, I know, we have all heard it before, “it is the most important election of our lifetime.” I am just 59 years of age and I must admit, never in my lifetime have the stakes for Texas — and America — been higher. I think we would have to go back to the 1864 presidential election, which resulted in the reelection of Abraham Lincoln, and which cost him his life, to find a more critical moment in the history of these United States of America. The philosophical divide is grand, and therefore, the consequences are as well.

The players are the same, Democrats and Republicans. And, in a way, so are the two very divergent ideologies.

President Lincoln articulated it the best in a speech he gave in April of 1864:

“The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name, liberty. And, it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names, liberty and tyranny. The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as a liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty, especially as the sheep was a black one. Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty.”

We are at that moment when we, the sheepdogs, the true guardians of this Republic, must drive the wolves away. When Lincoln was speaking, it was about the physical enslavement of an entire race of people. Today, as I write these words, it is about the economic enslavement, and the collective subjugation of our American population.

We here, in Texas, are on the frontlines of that fight…we are the vanguard, the Praetorian guard who must stand at the gates and protect that coveted American quality called liberty.

Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world. A little over 10 percent of Fortune 500 corporations call Texas home. Elon Musk and Tesla have announced they’re moving to Texas…Why? Because Texas is about economic empowerment. Texas is a place where the indomitable individual entrepreneurial spirit flourishes. It is the place where businesses from failed states such as California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey are fleeing.

Just ask our Republican Party of Texas Finance Chairman Ed Trevis why he moved his company, Corvalent, from California to Texas a little over a decade ago. Ed is originally from Brazil; ask him about the liberty America affords individual investment, ingenuity, and innovation. Ed is passionate about Texas because he understands Lincoln’s delineation between liberty and tyranny.

The rule of law, law and order, is at stake. The wolves advance the rule of the mob, their wolfpack spreading chaos, violence, and mayhem. All one has to do is look at the capital city of Texas, Austin, and see the consequences of leftist rule. They defunded the police in Austin by $150M, and Austin has now seen an over 60 percent increase in violent crime. The homeless situation in Austin is disgusting, and dangerous, to law abiding citizens. Austin, once the live music capital of the world, has seen 90 percent of its live music establishments shut down permanently.

We must defend our police, and we must retain constitutionalist judges. Texas will have four State Supreme Court justices and three Criminal Court of Appeals judges up for reelection. There are countless other important judicial positions on the ballot. Two years ago, Texans lost 56 judicial positions to the wolves of the progressive socialist left, and George Soros funded the flipping of several key District Attorney positions in the Lone Star State. There are some who believe that “We the People” of Texas should not vote for judicial positions, that they should be appointed by some political class, or worse by a commission of cronies. Just last week in Dallas there was a hearing on this folly.

Last week, I wrote about our oil and gas industry, and its importance. A vote for the wolves of leftism means its decimation.

The education of our children is at stake, unless you prefer our little sheep to be indoctrinated by the wolf pack? The University of Texas, Austin, was just rated as one of the worst campuses in America for conservative students. Yes, not UC California-Berkeley, but our University of Texas is rated as the worst place for intellectual discourse for our conservative young people.

The Austin ISD is an example of the perversion of the left when one considers their sex “education” curriculum for 3rd-8th graders. It is insidious and irresponsible — well, actually stuck on stupid — to teach, no indoctrinate, such failed beliefs as socialism, collectivism, and Marxism in our education system to future generations. This is why the school board and our Texas State Board of Education are such vital elected positions.

Our religious liberty is at stake, also. Just look at California where churches are being told to lock their doors under the penalty of arrest. Who wants that ideology, that belief system here in our Texas? Christian business owners are being persecuted for their religions beliefs and faith across America. We must not allow this cancer to ever creep into Texas. It is the purest definition of insanity to depart someplace that is failing — California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey — and bring the same failures to a place that is thriving, Texas. Heck, even God told Lot, as He was destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, “Don’t look back.”

It is rather perplexing that anyone would leave these failed “blue” states, and still retain confidence in the philosophy of governance for which they departed. Can I just ask a simple question, why did you not stay where you were?

What is at stake? The very foundations of our Constitutional Republic are at risk. And as it says in Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” The answer is simple, the righteous must vote. Sadly, in 2016, some 25 million Christians did not vote. This is why church doors were shut on Easter Sunday, and deemed non-essential. 

Sir Edmund Burke stated it succinctly, “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Now is that moment when good Texas men and women can make a difference.

Our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, did define the 2020 election cycle. It is a battle between liberty and tyranny. The stakes are high, and starting this Tuesday, October 13th, you have a decision to make: join me, join us, the guardians, lock shields, and let us defeat the tyranny of the wolves, the progressive socialist left.

Carpe Diem! Let us seize upon this moment in time, in the history of Texas, and send a resounding message to this evil manifested in the leftist socialists, Marxist, who are preying upon our way of life.

We are the storm!

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

Chairman West’s Monday Message for 10.5.20

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Black Gold, Texas Tea . . . Energy Independence

Perhaps I am dating myself, but we should all remember the theme song from “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

“Come and listen to the story about a man named Jed, a poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed. And then one day he was shooting at some food, and up through the ground came a-bubbling crude. Oil, that is, black gold, Texas tea.”

Here in Texas, the bubbling crude came forth from a place fondly referred to as Spindletop, and the rest is history. Texas is now renowned as being the central point of the oil and gas industry of America. From West Texas, the Permian Basin, to East Texas, down to the refineries and export facilities spanning from Houston to Beaumont, Texas is a global leader in the energy industry.

Oil and gas production in Texas has led the U.S. into an era of energy independence. As a matter of fact, the largest exporter of liquified natural gas (LNG) in the world is Port Arthur, Texas.  

The U.S. now produces more than we consume, therefore our country cannot be held hostage by unfriendly nations, including the Middle East, Venezuela, nor Russia. Not only does America’s energy security have a profound effect on our economic security, but it is vital to our national security.  Therefore, any political policy that harms the oil and gas industry puts our national security at risk.

That is exactly what the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden ticket means for Texas, and the United States. Biden may have stated that he does not support the Green New Deal, but his own website begs to differ.

Harris, well, we all know she is an avowed progressive socialist and supports the folly of a delusional bartender from the Bronx named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We should not be surprised, at all, if the young and deranged Ocasio-Cortez were to become our new Secretary of Energy under a Harris-Biden administration. Talk about detrimental to our oil and gas industry! The Green New Deal calls for the decimation of the oil and gas industry in America in 10 years.

Oil and gas production, transportation, refining, and manufacturing are the primary economic drivers in our state.  The oil and gas industry creates wealth and economic benefits to every Texan through good-paying white- and blue-collar jobs, and an increased standard of living.  Texas has no state income tax largely because of the petroleum industry.

Texas has very efficient and affordable power generation systems, mostly due to its use of clean-burning and reliable natural gas.  Texas also produces the greatest amount of wind energy in the nation, as well as significant amounts of solar energy.  The state’s leaders realize that these forms of energy can — and must — coexist to provide reliable and affordable energy sources over many decades to come. However, wind energy cannot be distributed without natural gas pushing it through the system.

Just consider the abject insanity of California, a state that just last week mandated all-electric vehicles by 2035, at a time when the “Golden State” is experiencing rolling electricity blackouts. The great thing about Texas is that we are on our own energy grid! We do not need to take the failed path of California in mandating our citizens’ use of solar panels on their homes. How many middle-to-lower income families will be able to afford the leftist elitist mandates of highly expensive green energy homes and cars?

Oil and gas production supports Texas’ educational system through ad valorem taxes, payroll taxes, severance taxes, and much more.  Oil and gas revenues provide for the Permanent University Fund, which supports the flagship universities of our state. Refineries and chemical plants provide robust tax bases for many of our school districts. In other words, the oil and gas industry in Texas has enabled Texans to have better educational opportunities. Then again, Joe Biden has already stated that is one of the first things he wants to end, charter schools, which we have here in Texas.

The oil and gas industry in Texas consists of 12,000 businesses that provide over 320,000 jobs to Texans. One of the world’s largest corporations is headquartered here in Texas, Exxon-Mobil. The Harris-Biden platform contains initiatives to end the production and use of fossil fuels on federal lands and waters. a return to the failed Obama-Biden policies.  

These two candidates have also indicated a desire to end hydraulic fracturing in the prolific U.S. shale plays, including those in Texas.  These policies would result in the loss of approximately 120,000 jobs in Texas by 2022, as well as a loss of $65 million to Texas state revenues. This is a price too high to pay given that, per the EPA, the U.S. produces only 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The real drivers of “global warming” or “climate change,” — or whatever the progressive socialist left is calling it these days — are China and India, not the United States. That whole Paris Climate Accord? Well, it was just a huge socialist dream of global wealth redistribution.

When we see a Harris-Biden yard sign in Texas, it should make one scratch their head. Who in their right mind would want to see the 10th largest economy in the world — and a leader in the global oil and gas industry — destroyed? Who in their right mind would want to see America no longer energy independent, but return to the days of being dictated to by the OPEC nations? Y’all remember how Saudi Arabia manipulated us during the crisis of the Carter administration. Venezuela was once one of the most prosperous nations in our western hemisphere. They possess greater oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. Now, due to socialist dictators who nationalized their oil and gas industry, Venezuelans are starving and dying, and their economy has been, and is, devastated.

Texans, we cannot afford to have any progressive socialist electoral victories in the Lone Star State. That means the White House, Senate, Congressional, State Senate, and State House cannot be allowed to have any lefitst electoral successes. 

The oil and gas industry in Texas, combined with our impeccable, indomitable entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and ingenuity has made our nation energy independent, a global leader. We are no longer victims to despots and dictators. Why would anyone vote for an ideology, a political philosophy, and policies that would endanger that? It’s simple, really: because you’re “Stuck on Stupid.”

And, nobody likes stupid.

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

‘Come and Take It’ in 2020

Photo of Chairman Allen West

185 years ago today in Gonzales, Texas, the Mexican calvary demanded that the Texian rebels surrender their cannon. They were met with a flag saying “Come and Take It” echoing the phrase “Molon Labe” that the Spartan King Leonidas used at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.  

Today we, Texans, should give that same answer to the coastal progressive elites and celebrities who are trying to flip Texas blue. These Hollywood and Manhattenite champagne socialists do not give a darn about Texas and our conservative values. They simply want to implement their radical agenda to enforce secular socialism across America. Texas is the bastion that has stopped them from accomplishing their goal. They know that if they can take Texas, Republicans will have no road to victory for any presidential election. 

This coming election will require all patriotic Texans to stand up and push back against the money that coastal elitists that are dumping into Texas. This election is not for sale and Texas will hold the line against progressive socialism.

As goes Texas, so goes the nation, and we are returning to the values that have made us strong!

Allen B. West
Republican Party of Texas

Chairman West’s Statement on Holding Texas

Logo of the Republican Party of Texas

Below is Chairman West’s statement on holding Texas:

“The quality of our candidates far surpasses that of the collective lemmings of the Democrat Party. And they are out working their leftist opponents on the ground. We are putting more emphasis on our State House races by working with GOP State House leadership, fundraising support, and personal attention from at events in North Texas and other prioritized areas by myself.

Texans don’t want a State House that supports defunding the police, undermining our second amendment right, instituting a state income tax, destroying our oil and gas industry, and politically reshaping the Lone Star State. 

Our Texas GOP State House incumbents and challengers support the rule of law, law and order. The Obama-Holder-Bloomberg backed progressive socialist leftist candidates support the rule of the mob, chaos and violence on our streets. Texans will not allow a leftist ideological agenda in its State House that has been exemplified in the utter disaster that is witnessed in our State Capitol of Austin. The strength of our principles, values, and message far surpasses the millions of dollars from California and other failed states to turn Texas into another leftist disaster.

The Texas Democrat Party needs victims. Republicans running for the Texas State House believe in policies enabling Texans to be economically empowered, to be victors.

Recent news out of Harris County, illegal ballot harvesting, evidences the method, means, by which Democrats are seeking power and control in Texas. Republicans will retain the Texas State House and win back seats lost in 2018 because we believe in governing. The Texas State House stays Red, and will be constitutionally conservative.”

Only by fighting against Democrats’ attempt to undermine election integrity and to win the war of policy ideas will Texas stay Red.

Chairman West’s Monday Message for 9.28.20

Photo of Chairman Allen West

The Left’s Three Branches of Rule

A good many of us grew up taking Civics in school and learned about the three branches of government, with their roles and responsibilities. And, even if you were not paying attention in school, we had Schoolhouse Rock each Saturday morning on ABC reinforcing such lessons.

My, how things have changed.

Today, if you speak with someone who has recently become a citizen of these United States, they can tell you more about our government, and history, than most Americans. That is because they took it to heart to study and pass the citizenship test, which I would offer, many Americans could not do.

Today, we do not have objective instruction of Civics, the teaching of the three branches of government — Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. We do not have an objective study of History, that has been replaced in many schools by a subjective dogma called Social Studies. Today, there is a move to revise American history to say that our founding was in 1619, when the first slave ship touched our shores, instead of July 4, 1776, when we declared our Independence.

We will close out this month without any real hoopla or celebration of Constitution Day, September 17, 1787, when our rule of law was signed. We have lost that understanding of those three branches of government. The Legislative is the most powerful and passes legislation to become law. The Executive signs the passed legislation into law, or vetos it from becoming law, and sends it back to the Legislative branch. The Judicial branch interprets the law and hears cases to adjudicate according to compliance with established law.

I would easily state that we have drifted away from that foundation.

For the progressive socialist left — now called the Democrat Party — they do not embrace this fundamental premise of our Constitutional Republic. The left is not interested in the three branches of government, but rather the three branches of rule: media, academia, and the courts. We see this played out every day in our America. The left knows that if they control the narrative, the message, they can control the people. where have we seen that before?

Our Constitution speaks of freedom of the press, but, I believe our Founders wanted an objective press, not a state-controlled propaganda tool.

The left needs to control academia in order to raise the next generation of little socialists, Marxists, progressive leftists. This is why divergent thought — meaning conservative thought — is shunned on college and university campuses. And, now, we see a full-scale assault on local education, meaning high schools, middle and elementary grades, by leftists in control of school boards implementing a curriculum of indoctrination, not education.

But, it is in our courts where the left seeks true dominance. It is there that the mentality of legislating from the bench and judicial activism is most apparent. Even today we hear of Senate Democrats speaking of controlling the US Senate so that they may “stack the US Supreme Court,” an endeavor last envisioned by one Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat.

Here in Texas, we see the Texas Democrat Party not going out and attempting to win this election by the strength of their ideals; no, they are seeking to manipulate it through the courts. The Texas Democrats have gone up to the US Fifth Circuit Court to overturn Texas election law stating that the 65 years and above standard for absentee ballots reflects age discrimination. The Fifth Court ruled against them. Their objective is simply this: to institute mass mail-in balloting.

This past week — Friday to be exact — the Texas Democrat Party got an Obama-appointed judge in the US Federal Court, South Texas district, Laredo, to overturn Texas election law and have us go back to straight party ticket voting, yes, three weeks before early voting begins. Why? Because the left knows that it is easier for their mindless lemmings to hit one box, than to exude diligence in staying in the voting booth. Then again, George Soros can just pay them.

In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina, leftist judges are deciding that mail-in ballots may be received up to four, seven, and, even 14 days after November 3rd. Why is it that we are getting these decisions from the judicial branch and not something decided by the legislative branch? After all, this is changing election law. It’s simple: the left knows the key to their type of control, power, is through the courts, with ideologue activist judges, not constitutional jurists.

So, now, we have the latest apoplectic rage from the progressive socialist left, the SCOTUS nomination of Amy Coney-Barrett. President Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee in his first term has the left in a fit of madness. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, even referred to impeachment to prevent the president from making a nomination. Now, any graduate of Schoolhouse Rock knows that is absurd. You cannot impeach a president for doing their constitutionally mandated, Article II, enumerated power to nominate justices to the Supreme Court. Nothing scares the left more than to see a generational shift in the composition of the US Supreme Court or any judicial position.

Here in Texas, two years ago, Republicans lost approximately 56 judicial positions. This year, we have four State Supreme Court justices and three Criminal Court of Appeals judges up for reelection. Yes, in Texas, We The People of Texas have a say. It would be utterly detrimental to the future of Texas to allow “useful idiots” (the verbiage of Vladimir Lenin) to vote for judicial activists who only care about a certain leftist ideological agenda, in essence, ruling by court mandate, not legislative effect.

We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a constitutional monarchy. Mandates, rules, edicts, orders, and decrees are not the way we live in Texas or America. We must restore the three branches of government and ensure there are those checks and balances of the usurpation of power from any one branch.

Here in Texas, we want to be governed — not ruled — and we will never accept the left’s three branches of rule. 

The Democrats Have Always Been the Party of Systemic Racism

Austin, TX, Release: September 23, 2020. For Immediate Release 

Since its inception, the Republican Party of Texas has been working to provide equal opportunity for all American citizens regardless of their race. The Democrat Party can claim no such mantle since it has long been the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, and mass incarceration.

Chairman West perfectly highlights this in his statement below:

“We hear the rantings from the left about systemic racism, but the truth cannot be hidden. Joe Biden is a representative of the real purveyors of systemic racism in America, the Democrat Party. Their delusional hypocrisy is utterly disconcerting, abjectly disturbing. This short video gives evidence, using Biden’s own words, of the depth of the disdain they have for the Black community. And shame upon Kamala Harris to embrace the politics of personal opportunism to further betray those with whom she claims unity as being “Black.” Never forget, the Republican Party of Texas was founded on July 4th, 1867 by 150 courageous Black men. At the same time the Democrats were creating the Ku Klux Klan. The once violent racism of the Democrats has been replaced by the soft bigotry of low expectations, but it’s just a continuation of systemic racism.”

The video, made by Black Voices for Trump, cited by Chairman West in his statement above, is posted below.

The Texas GOP wants every community in Texas to succeed and hopes more of the Black community will join us as we lobby for school choice, defend the Second Amendment, and work to bring more white collar and blue collar jobs to Texas.


Chairman West’s Monday Message for 9.21.20

Photo of Chairman Allen West

“The American Thermopylae”

Some of you may wondering about the title of this week’s memo as given above. This is why I support a true classical education and the study of history. When anyone in western civilization sees the word Thermopylae, it should create a sense of honor and regard.

It was there, circa 480 BC, that Spartan King Leonidas with his personal, hand-selected guard of 300 Spartans — and a coalition of other Greek city-states — stood in a narrow gap at a place colloquially called “the hot gates,” named Thermopylae.

Before them stood the invading army of Xerxes, king of Persia who was returning to avenge his father’s defeat at Marathon 10 years previously, and defeat the ideals of individual liberty and democracy. In essence, freedom and liberty stood before tyranny and subjugation.

At the beginning of the battle, Xerxes demanded that the Spartans lay down their arms. Leonidas’ reply was “Molon Labe.” The battle was enjoined, and over the course of two days, the Spartan-led coalition wrought massive death and casualties upon the attacking horde of Persia. Then, a Greek traitor provided information to the Persians about a secret pass that would lead to the encirclement of Leonidas’ force. Leonidas chose one Spartan warrior to take a message back to the city-state of Sparta, “Go tell the Spartans, and strangers passing by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.”

The Spartan code, the law of Lycurgus, was “no surrender, no retreat.” Thus, Leonidas and his remaining Spartans were killed at that place called Thermopylae. However, their sacrifice bought valuable time, and rallied all of Greece.

In the end, Xerxes was defeated, and individual liberty, freedom, and democracy was saved in Greece, and for the rest of the world.

And, so it was, some 2300 years later that there was a small mission, a garrison, in what we call San Antonio, Texas, today, that history did, indeed, repeat itself. There, at the place called The Alamo, some 185 men came together; a coalition of men who answered the call of arms, of duty. They were Texians, Mexicans, Georgians, Tennesseeans, and those from Missouri and South Carolina. They were led by a young 26-year-old from the Palmetto State, named William Barrett Travis.

They took up their positions on February 23, 1836 and watched the gathering army of Mexican dictator General Santa Anna take the field. On February 24th, Col. Travis chose one man, Juan Seguin, to deliver a message to General Sam Houston. The Travis letter requested support and aid, and it spoke of no surrender, no retreat…about honor of sacrifice and closed with the immortal words, “Victory or Death.”

For 13 days, over 180 men fought, and held, buying time for Houston and for what had been declared, an independent Republic of Texas. No reinforcements came, no support, but, a line in the sand was drawn and every man accepted that challenge, knowing their true end.

So it was, on March 6, 1836 The Alamo fell, and every defender was killed, put to death, and their bodies piled and burned. Iconic American names such as Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett perished that memorable day, the day of the American Thermopylae.

Now, this week, on September 22, the Texas Historical Commission will vote on the moving of The Alamo’s open tomb memorial, The Cenotaph. There are those who say we need to “reimagine” The Alamo. I say, we need to simply “Remember The Alamo.”

History and heroism do not need be reimagined. These are character traits that should be taught to each and every new generation. The Spartans, today, in Greece, embrace their legacy. We Texans should do the same. However, it was just a few years ago that the Texas State Board of Education had to meet in emergency session to prevent the removal of the word “heroic” from Texas state history books with reference to The Alamo defenders. This is not “revisionist” history, this is a dedicated effort to erase our history.

Texans have spoken — and resoundingly reject — any design that will move The Cenotaph from its current location, near the very north wall where the Mexican Army stormed the garrison. There is no doubt that The Cenotaph’s current location is on The Alamo battleground. But, the woke cancel culture mob supporters who sit on the San Antonio City Council do not see themselves as protectors of those who defended Texas. No, they would rather surrender Texas history, an American iconic symbol, to the progressive socialist leftist mob.

The Texas Historical Commission must vote with the people of Texas who said, with over 90 percent support, that they did not want The Cenotaph moved, or The Alamo “reimagined.” They prefer it be remembered by future generations just as it is, and revered. We do a disservice to those who sacrificed all if we move their open tomb just to appease some real estate developers and leftists.

It should be a matter of pride for Texans, and all Americans to visit The Alamo, gaze upon the faces and names of those on The Cenotaph, and remember the men who sacrificed so that the Lone Star State would come into existence.

I am a Tennessee Volunteer, and a former member of the US House of Representatives. Whenever I visit The Alamo and look upon The Cenotaph, I see the man whose legacy I carry, Davy Crockett. And Congressman Crockett, says, “remember us.”

The Greek words “Molon Labe,” translated into English, mean “Come, Take.” The fight for Texas liberty started on October 2, 1835 when the Texians responded to the Mexican cavalry demand to return a cannon. “Come and Take It.”

The Alamo is our American Thermopylae. The Alamo Defenders are our Spartans. Leave The Cenotaph where it is, and honor their memory, and commitment to our present-day liberty.

Chairman Allen West Condemns Any Attempt to Move the Alamo’s Cenotaph

Logo of the Republican Party of Texas

Austin, TX, Release: September 18, 2020. For Immediate Release

Chairman West and the entire Republican Party of Texas condemn the San Antonio City Council’s upcoming vote to move the Cenotaph. In the most recent election, 97 percent of Texas Republicans voted to keep the Cenotaph and other historic monuments where they are.

As Chairman West said, “the San Antonio City Council is in a rush to appease the mob, and by doing so will set a precedent that we can abandon our history and heroes. No Texan should support such an egregious measure.”

The men who gave their lives at the Alamo deserve our respect and gratitude. Any attempt to move their tombstone is an insult to their sacrifice. The GOP of Texas is diametrically opposed to any measure that will lead to desecration of that hallowed ground.