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Chairman West’s Monday Message for 08.31.20

Photo of Chairman Allen West

The past two weeks have allowed Americans to delineate the clear contrast between the two major political parties and their respective candidates for president and vice-president.

As well, we can lucidly ascertain the diverging visions each has for our Constitutional Republic. I almost pity the progressive Socialist leftist pundits who felt that the RNC convention presented a “dark” view of America. I suppose that themes such as “land of opportunity,” “land of promise,” “land of heroes,” and “land of greatness” do, indeed, cause consternation for leftists and Socialists.

However, there is one point that is not debatable: the Democrat (Socialist) convention never condemned the chaos and violence on our streets, in the cities they control. How absurd it is that the left is now claiming that the violence emanating from the very groups they spawned, support, dismissed, and embraced is the fault of President Donald Trump.

The irony is that, now, even Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon of CNN fame  have admitted that the chaos and violence of the mob must stop! Why? Because they see it is hurting them in the polls, not because it is wrong, no. Because it is damaging their efforts to control America.

Trust me, if they attain power, the mob will be allowed to roam free, especially when law abiding citizens are stripped of their right to be armed, to self-defense.

Texas, this is why we must #DumpTheDemocrats.

Let me remind my fellow Texas: we do not have straight party ticket voting this election cycle, that is a change. That means you cannot go in and just hit that box that says, all Republicans. You must exercise the resolve and discipline to stay in the voting booth and vote for each position. This is not just about voting for President Trump, for Senator John Cornyn, or even your member of Congress, all very important races, indeed. However, it is crucial that Texans continue down the entire ballot!

The progressive Socialist left wants to take over the Texas State House of Representatives, and, they only need nine seats to do so. Many of their targeted races are in North Texas, so find out who your Texas Republican State House member is and support them!

We lost 12 Republicans in the Texas State House in 2018. Republican State Senator Pete Flores is running for reelection down in District 19, San Antonio over to Ft. Stockton, and, the Democrats want to defeat him. We lost two very important Republican State Senate seats in Dallas and Tarrant counties last cycle. Redistricting happens in Texas after the 2020 election cycle, and Texas is poised to pick up at least two new US Congressional districts. We do not want Democrat (Socialists) controlling our Texas legislative body and drawing our new lines of representation in the Lone Star State!

In 2018, Republicans lost 56 judicial positions, mainly in Dallas and Harris County. In 2020, we have four Republican Texas Supreme Court justices up for reelection along with three Republican Court of Appeals Judges. We can ill afford to allow the progressive socialist left to control the courts in Texas. You know what that would mean.

You must continue down your ballot to support our County Commission candidates. I do not want anymore County Judges like Clay Jenkins in Dallas, and Lina Hidalgo in Harris inflicting their insidious leftist agenda.

As well, some of you may have City Council and School Board races on your ballot. Look at how destructive the Austin City Council and ISD have become, and now the radical leftists seek to expand their delusion into neighboring suburbs like Cedar Park. We are seeing the same happen in North Texas, in places like Southlake, and also down around Houston.

Lastly, do not forget to support and vote for your law-abiding Republican sheriffs and constables. This election is about the rule of law, law and order, versus the rule of the mob. We want Texas lawmen, and women, who will stand up for the rule of law…not the ideological agenda that gives safe harbor to radical groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

In North Texas we have two great lawmen, Sheriff Waybourn of Tarrant County and Sheriff Skinner of Collin County. The left actually believes they can defeat these two fine men, both of whom I consider friends.

Let’s show them that in Texas we do not defund our law enforcement, we DEFEND our law enforcement…Well, unless you are progressive Socialists like the Austin City Council.

The progressive Socialist left controls the so-called Democrat Party and we will defeat them here in Texas. But, it will require all of us — who prefer to be victors, not victims — to register to vote and will commit to voting the entire GOP ballot.

The Texas GOP is working with the Texas Republican County Chairman Association (TRCCA) to produce ballot slates in all 254 of our counties. We want you to be informed, educated, and then activated to get out and support the Red Storm that is rising. If you leave a voting position box empty, it is a vote for a Democrat (Socialist).

I must be honest, I expect the mob to show up at polling locations in order to coerce, intimidate, and stoke fear. That happened back in 2008 with the New Black Panther Party and Barack Obama and Eric Holder did nothing.

Do not allow the mob to drive you away with their national socialist Brown Shirt tactics!

“We Are the Storm” — Text STORM2020 to 484848 (Note: carrier rates apply per plan)

Chairman West’s Monday Message for 8.24.20

Photo of Chairman Allen West

This week the Republican Party will conduct its convention in Charlotte, NC. The focus will be on America; the land of opportunity, land of heroes, land of promise, and land of greatness.

There is no debate that last week’s Democrat (Socialist) Party convention took a far different theme. For the progressive socialist left, their deep hatred of President Trump has translated into a burning hatred of our America. As evidence, look no further than the burning of our flag by the mob they have embraced, and their support of kneeling — not proudly standing — for our National Anthem.

As we approach this election cycle, ask yourselves a simple question: why elect people who belong to a political party that despises the country they seek to lead? The answer is that the Democrat Party does not seek to lead America. Their hate and angst compels and drives them to want to control America in order to fundamentally transform it into something antithetical to our Constitutional Republic.

The Democrats seek not to govern, but, instead, to rule. In Texas, we don’t want socialist rulers — just witness the results in Austin. Why would people flee failing states, move to another state, like Texas, only to replicate failure? Why would anyone in Texas vote to support a nationalized energy policy like the Green New Deal? Examine what nationalizing the oil industry in Venezuela created — not promise, but despair. The choice is simple.

During the DNC convention, they never condemned the chaos and violence in the streets of cities they control. During the Republican convention, you will witness a celebration of an America that enabled a kid born in a Blacks only hospital in 1961 to be the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

The Lone Star State is the star that illuminates the other 49. Texas is truly the embodiment of opportunity, promise, heroism, and greatness. Don’t allow the Democrats to dim the brilliance of the Lone Star!

Y’all, let’s #DumpTheDemocrats! Texas GOP, “We are the Storm!”

Chairman West: Democrats Deface, Republicans Discuss

Photo of a defaced GOP banner

This is what happens when the leftist mob rules. They threaten, intimidate, coerce, and enact violence in order to attain their goals. They do not want any political opposition, diverse thoughts, perspectives, or insights.

One of the biggest difference between our two major political parties is that Democrats deface, defund, and denigrate. Republicans discuss the substantive.

This is the reason why the Chairman of the Texas Democrat Party refused to conduct an open Lincoln-Douglas debate with me. Instead, like the cowards that they are, they will lurk about at night and take actions such as the one depicted above.

Republicans do not need to take actions such as this because our strength is in our principles, ideals, and truth. However, let me warn the progressive socialists about one very simple truth. This is Texas, and the leftist “dog don’t hunt” in Texas. As for the Texas GOP, well, “we are the storm.” Defacing our banners will not prevent the electoral woodshed that is coming for y’all!

Chairman West’s Monday Message for 8.17.20

Photo of Chairman Allen West

Abolish ICE. Defund the police. Eliminate the Second Amendment. These are the rallying cries and ideological agendas of the American progressive socialist left.

As we draw closer to the November 3rd election date, our binary choice is clear and lucid: it’s the rule of law or the rule of the mob.

The left wishes to rid us of the law enforcement agency that keeps criminal illegal immigrants, and gangs — such as MS-13 — off of our streets. The leftists, such as Mayor Steve Adler in Austin, and his comrades, prefer to defund our police and embrace the chaos and violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. BLM has publicly stated that looting is justified as a means of reparations.

Yes, utterly absurd.

And, with all this, we have former NYC mayor, Michael “Big Gulp” Bloomberg, dumping $8-$10M into Texas to support anti-Second Amendment candidates to takeover our Texas State House.

We know leftist NY Attorney General Letitia James is seeking to destroy the National Rifle Association (NRA).

What does this all mean?

It’s simple: we must never forget the example we saw with Peggy and Mark McCloskey in St Louis. Don’t for a minute believe you’re safe in the suburbs or behind your gated community . . . the McCloskey’s were not.

This is Texas. We defend our police and recognize an armed person is a citizen, an unarmed one is a subject, subservient to the leftist mob. Just remember, Texans — especially Texas women — ain’t going out and buying record numbers of weapons just to give them up to Robert Francis O’Rourke.

It’s time to make a stand. Do it with us, the Texas GOP. We Are the Storm!

Chairman West on Identity Politics

Photo of Chairman Allen West

Joe Biden, the Democrat Party’s apparent presidential nominee, has announced Sen. Kamala Harris as his VP running mate, mainly because she is a Black female.

The soft bigotry of low expectations emanating from the progressive socialist left is nauseating. The white leftist mentality, that Blacks can be manipulated with such antics, is offensive and condescending.

Here is a deleted scene from the documentary Uncle Tom that addresses that issue.

I am a proud Black man. I refuse to be castigated as a victim. I am the storm!

Chairman West’s Monday Message for 8.10.20

Photo of Chairman Allen West

So many people assert that addressing border security is not a positive policy agenda. I say, in Texas, it is a critical issue to stress. It is not just about the lawlessness that emanates from a porous border, the proliferation of gangs or the lack of safety and security for those living along our Texas border with Mexico. It is not just about the flow of drugs that, prior to COVID-19, gave us grave concern over the opioid crisis killing our young people. All those are vital issues, but there is one issue that leaves a very dark black eye upon the Lone Star State.

Human and sex trafficking.

Texas is the number one state in these United States of America for human and sex trafficking. The two top cities are Houston and Dallas. Yet we have one political party, the progressive socialist left, who prefer open borders and no checks or prosecution for those crossing our border illegally.

The left continues to promulgate the narrative about children being in cages, a somewhat false narrative. Yet, they say nothing about the issue of human and sex trafficking.

Better border security protocols are necessary to end this plight. And we need a strong Republican Texas State House to legislate the end of human and sex trafficking in our beloved Texas.

LTC Allen West (Ret.)
Chairman, Republican Party of Texas


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