Why Did Gary Gates Lie?


It’s entirely possible Gary Gates:

  • Didn’t lie – just made a baseless claim that was easily verifiable but didn’t bother to check before making a public statement, or
  • Didn’t make the post – this may have been the misguided posting of a staffer, and not a post by Gary Gates at all.

Either way it’s a shame that many hours later, after being shown the proof, he hasn’t retracted the false statement at all – much less with the same energy that he spread it. That’s not a good sign.

Original Post

Campaigns reveal the character of the candidates. These days, thanks to social media, that can happen quickly and more clearly than ever. That’s a very good thing for good candidates, and for voters who are paying attention.

Gary Gates, candidate in the Railroad Commissioner race in the Republican Primary Runoff against Wayne Christian, revealed at best a willingness to publicly say things with no proof. At worst he revealed outright opposition to truth.

The Central Texas Republican Assembly (CTRA) is a vibrant conservative grassroots organization in Austin that votes to endorse in regional and local races, and to record the group members’ preferences in larger races. At their August 21st meeting they held an endorsement vote.

Michael Quinn Sullivan shared the following post about the result of the vote in the Railroad Commissioner race:

Michael Quinn Sullivan tweet on CTRA Railroad Commissioner Runoff Race Vote

Rather than shake it off or respond well, Gary Gates decided to lie.

Gary Gates Lie About CTRA

So instead of taking the high road, Gary Gates decided to insult a large group of grassroots conservatives and make things up at the same time. Here’s the screen shot of the press release post from January that shows reality is the exact opposite of what Mr. Gates claims:

CTRA Press Release on Endorsement

With personal character and political instincts like these, it’s no wonder Mr. Gates has failed in his first six runs for office. Here’s hoping he fails again this time. This is exactly the kind of politician Texas doesn’t need.