Role of the Chairman

What does a County Chairman do? What are his duties?

Chairman Dickey meeting with visitors at the Travis GOP booth at the 2015 Austin Juneteenth Festival.

Victory starts at the local level. It takes a strongly organized network of precincts and local activists for the Republican Party to win races from your local water conservation board all the way to the White House.

The County Chairman is essential to this framework, as he or she presides over the County Executive Committee, made up of the county’s precinct chairs. In a county with limited finances and resources, it is critical to have a chairman who can build a winning coalition and earn the trust of donors. It takes a cheerleader who can promote our candidates (many of whom face an uphill climb in Democrat-dominated Austin). It takes a calm and collected personality to settle the disputes that occur when well-intentioned activists disagree. And it takes fiscal restraint and wisdom to set a realistic budget and plan for upcoming election cycles.

Fmr. Sen. Phil Gramm (left to right), James Dickey, Sen. John Cornyn, and radio show host Michael Reagan at the 2015 Ronald Reagan Gala.

Among other things, a good County Chairman coordinates the activities of the Executive Committee and its sub-committees, serves as presiding officer of the Executive Committee, and as the official spokesman of the Party.

James Dickey has proven he has what it takes to do the hard work required to build a stronger Republican presence in Travis County and increase the number of conservatives elected in the Austin metro area.