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About James

Character is built at home. James has been married to Lynda Dickey for 28 years with three children, Jay, Donna and Dakota.


As a Republican Party County Chairman, James has taken the fight to the Democrats in the bluest part of Texas — and won.


To succeed, we need a Party that engages all voters, from our base, to minority constituencies, to first-time voters in 2016 and more.


The more Texans hear our message of limited government, strong family values, and personal freedom, we will expand our appeal among historically Democrat populations.

Ready to get to work on Day One

Business leader: James is the Chief Operations Officer and marketing director for a small insurance business he co-founded in Lakeway.

Republican activist: James has served as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate at 3 National Conventions and 5 State Conventions, as a Precinct Chair, and as a volunteer on numerous committees and campaigns in addition to serving as Travis County Chairman.

Local leader: During the terms that James has been the Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party, he has successfully grown the party’s volunteers, staff, funding, activity level, technological capabilities, candidates, and officeholders. Under James, the Travis GOP went from the Bad News Bears of Austin politics to a high-profile force to be reckoned with in Central Texas politics.


Republican Leaders Trust James
Hon. Francisco “Quico” Canseco

James Dickey is a principled, steady, conservative leader for our Republican Party of Texas, and I am glad to endorse him in this race for RPT Chairman. I have always been pleased with his enthusiasm to build bridges, to change hearts and minds, and to bring much needed unity to our state party. James has the critical experience to promote Texas legislation as well as federal legislation that supports our conservative values. James Dickey is the proven choice for RPT Chairman, and I ask the SREC to elect him this Saturday.


Hon. Francisco “Quico” Canseco

Former US Congressman
Former Chair of VOCES Action
Hon. Roger Williams

I have known James Dickey for a long time. He has been a committed conservative and great spokesperson for our Republican ideals whether as a delegate or a County Chair. James Dickey is the right choice right now for RPT Chairman. I know James’ work ethic, his passion to elect Republicans, his loyalty to our ticket and his keen leadership ability. I look forward to working with James as RPT Chairman and will be glad to help him in any way he needs as he works with Party leaders across this state to Keep Texas Red and Make RPT Even Greater!

Hon. Roger Williams

US Congressman
Former Texas Secretary of State
Former RPT Victory Chair
Hon. Wayne Christian

James Dickey is a movement conservative with the proven party managerial and fundraising experience we need to take the Republican Party of Texas to the next level. James has been in the trenches, supporting Republican Platform priorities in the legislature and Republican candidates in campaigns, and I am excited to endorse him in this race.



Hon. Wayne Christian

Texas Railroad Commissioner
Wade Emmert

A party chairman has many shoes to fill, from fundraising to effectively delivering our message in the media to coordinating GOTV efforts with our county chairs, including understanding their challenges, and knowing how to best help them overcome their challenges. Having worked with James Dickey over the past few years, I’ve seen his leadership first-hand, and I believe he is best qualified to move our party forward.

Our large counties are ground-zero for Battleground Texas, Indivisible, and the Democrat effort to turn Texas blue. Under my leadership, we fought tooth-and-nail to dismantle the lock they held on all county offices, and James Dickey has done the same. James will be able to translate his success in a blue county into best practices he can share with local party chairs to ensure we cede no ground and fight for gains in the midterm elections.

Our party is as divided as I’ve ever seen it, while the Democrats are united in their goal to turn Texas blue. A good Chair must find a way provide a place where all factions can come together. That won’t be easy, but James Dickey has the right temperament and experience to lead the party in these difficult times. I’m proud to support my friend James Dickey for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Wade Emmert

Former Chairman, Dallas County Republican Party
Former Vice Chair, Texas Republican County Chairman's Association
JT Edwards

Experience matters, and results count. After talking with many Party leaders and people who care about the future of the Party, execution of the midterm elections and the Party’s financial solvency moving forward, it would be irresponsible to put a person with no experience in running an organization, let alone any Party entity, to serve as our next Chairman. Based on the merits of both candidates, James Dickey is the candidate who is best prepared and most ready to serve our Republican Party of Texas as our next Chairman and to carry us forward into 2018.


JT Edwards

SREC Committeeman, SD 11
Mona Bailey

I have known James Dickey for about 10 years. James and I first worked together in the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. His Republican roots run deep.

James is an excellent choice – and my choice- to serve as the next Chairman of our Republican Party of Texas. It’s important to me that James has been active and involved in our Republican Party for as long as he has. It’s relevant that he has attended many conventions and understands the convention process and path of delegate selection. It’s significant he has served and succeeded as a County Chairman and appreciates the challenges of running a Party entity and the interests of all involved.

James is committed to growing the Party, and because of his leadership in his County Party, one of Texas’ most liberal cities now has two conservatives on its City Council.

James is the kind of person who can come into an organization and get folks to come together, listen to each other, and find ways to work together. I have faith in James. He has the experience, proven-in-action conservative principles, and the track record to serve us statewide as our next Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. Please endorse James Dickey for RPT Chair.

Mona Bailey

Former SREC Committeewoman, SD 12

Tarrant County GOP Vice Chair of Fundraising
Tarrant County Lincoln Day Dinner Chair for 5 years

Tarrant County Precinct Chair, Precinct 3333

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What People Are Saying About James Dickey

Matt Mackowiak

I have worked side by side with James Dickey for four years, working to grow the party in Travis County, the bluest county in Texas, and elect Republican candidates. I strongly support him for RPT chairman because I know his heart. He is an honest, decent, hardworking, and ethical servant leader. He needs no on-the-job training. He will unify this party and help it grow. I am excited about what he will do as our RPT chairman.

Matt Mackowiak

Executive Vice Chairman
Travis County GOP
Richard Morgan

James Dickey is a friend of the grassroots and values transparency. He’s conservative, he has experience representing the GOP in the media, and he’ll be more than able to defend our conservative principles in the platform. He’s the most qualified to effectively manage the day to day operations of the state party, coordinating with county parties, understanding their challenges, and helping them with their GOTV operations as we head into the midterms.

Richard Morgan

Former Chairman
Texas Young Republican Federation
Jeremiah Hunter

James has impeccable qualifications for this position. He has shown tremendous success as Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party. He is a successful businessman with a proven record of leading diverse teams of people to accomplish high level goals. I know him personally to be a man of courage and conviction.

Jeremiah Hunter

Chairman of We The People-Longview Tea Party
Secretary of Republican Party of Gregg County
Jonathan Saenz

I am honored to give my personal endorsement to James Dickey for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. During my time working in Travis County and serving as a state delegate, I have been able to see first-hand James Dickey’s support for the values of faith, family, and freedom. He will serve Texas Republicans well.

Jonathan Saenz

President of Texas Values*
(For Identification Only)
John Elliott

James, you have been fighting the good fight in Travis County as County Chairman, and we are confident you will continue to do the same as our interim RPT Chairman. Kerr County supports your candidacy. Thank you for your willingness to serve!

John Elliott

Kerr County Republican Party Chairman
Virginia Prodan

As your SREC Committeewoman for SD 16, I heard you! I endorse and I will vote for James Dickey for the RPT Chairman. In fact I will vote twice — second time by proxy for the SREC Committeeman.

Virginia Prodan

SREC Committeewoman, SD 16
Author, Saving My Assassin
Julie McCarty

James Dickey is a conservative with a very lengthy party resume and tons of experience successfully doing the various roles a State Chair is expected to do. Please vote for James Dickey for Texas State GOP Chair. Experience Matters!

Julie McCarty

President - NE Tarrant Tea Party

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