James’ dedication and work as a Republican grassroots activist and as the Chairman of the Republican Party in Travis county has earned the respect and appreciation of many in the party.

Endorsing James Dickey for RPT Chair:

Adryana Boyne-Aldeen
Political Analyst Spanish Media, Talk Show Radio Host VOCES con Adryana Boyne-Aldeen, Former National Director VOCES Action, Former Director of Development True the Vote Hispanic Initiative

As a Hispanic woman who has been fighting for conservative values for over a quarter of century educating and engaging Latinos at local, state and national levels with the republican party and VOCES Action, I have seen different races through the years. There are a lot of people with great intentions. But when I see people that discuss their intentions that are coupled with their actions and demonstrate that through the years of sacrifice in time and commitment, I know we have a true leader. I met James Dickey about a decade ago because he was interested in engaging Hispanics in the conservative movement. We worked together in large events engaging others to understand the issues of freedom, liberty and limited government.

James is genuinely interested and cares for Hispanic engagement in the party. You do not have to worry where he will stand. He has already proven through the years where he would stand as he demonstrated through his time and sacrifice.

James Dickey is a seasoned and experienced leader and understands the issues and conservative values in the party. He knows the people of Texas and the things that have worked and have not worked because he has been involved and participated for a quarter of a century in local and state politics. I wholeheartedly endorse James Dickey for Chairman of the Republican Party in the state of Texas.

Here is what just a few great leaders have to say about James as County Chair:

Austin City Councilwoman Ellen Troxclair:
Ellen Troxclair endorsement of James Dickey for re-election“James Dickey is a dedicated and effective leader for the Travis County Republican Party. His efforts have been critical to electing Republican leaders and furthering conservative policies in our community, and I’m proud to endorse him for County Chairman.
Former Travis County Chairman Dr. Rosemary Edwards:
Rosemary Edwards Endorsement“I wholeheartedly endorse James Dickey for another term as Travis County Republican Party Chairman. When he moved to Austin to start a company, he immediately became active, running for precinct chairman and making a positive contribution to building the party on the county and state level. James engages others easily to build the party. He is a unifier, a great spokesperson for the principles in the party platform and represents the county party with professionalism and competency.”
US Congressman Roger Williams:
Congressman Roger Williams endorsing James Dickey for re-election“I am proud to support my friend James Dickey as Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party. As Chairman, James has done an excellent job growing the party by focusing on our conservative principles. He understands that it is the role of our elected officials and government to make sure we lower taxes, have less government, cut spending, defend our borders, support a strong national defense, understand the 10th amendment and always stand with Israel. He has worked tirelessly to build relationships and recruit candidates to make sure Travis County voters are better represented. He’s an innovator and trusted hand who is focused on fighting for true conservative values. That’s why, in this unprecedented time in our Country’s, State’s and County’s history, when more than ever we need strong conservative leadership, I think it’s important to re-elect James Dickey as Travis County Republican Party Chairman.”
US Congressman and Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Michael McCaul
Chairman McCaul Endorsing James DickeyJames Dickey has served us well as Travis County Republican Party chairman. He has worked hard to build the party at the grassroots level, and to invite many new people into the party. James is doing a great job as county chairman.
National Vice Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus, Dave Nalle:
Dave Nalle endorsing James Dickey for re-election“James Dickey has shown a genuine willingness to broaden the appeal of the party and work hard to bring the Travis County Republican Party into the 21st century. There are reasons to oppose the party establishment, but James Dickey is not one of them. We need stable, reliable leadership like his for all the diverse Republican factions in Travis County.”

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