James Dickey is absolutely convinced we can keep Texas red. And not only that, but turn it a deeper shade of red than ever before.

That change can happen quickly, as Texas draws in hundreds of new residents per day. Contrary to gloom-and-doom liberal predictions, James holds that the more Texans hear our message of limited government, strong family values, and personal freedom, we will expand our appeal among historically Democrat populations.

James will work tirelessly to identify voters who understand and agree with our principles but haven’t voted with or worked with us in the past. Under a Dickey Chairmanship, RPT will continue to reach out to people who have been falsely told that because they’re in some particular group that Republican principles aren’t a fit for them.

There are new and innovative ways to communicate directly with people now that weren’t available or weren’t used in the recent past — James’ knack for understanding and implementing the newest technology will aid in recruiting record numbers of Republican voters, as he has done in Travis County.

All of this, James firmly believes, can be done WITHOUT sacrificing our party platform principles or neglecting any corner of our “Big Tent.”

As Chairman, James will dedicate himself to:

  • Provide a solid organizational structure
  • Aggressively pursue ways to make the RPT more transparent and responsive
  • Obtain and maximize the use of the best applicable current current technology
  • Empower, support and expand the Party’s base of committed staff and volunteers
  • Enrich the relationships of the Republican Party with all communities
  • Achieve a significant increase in the number of elected Republican officials across the Lone Star State