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State Rep Tony Tinderholt Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“James Dickey has been a true friend to conservatives since taking over as RPT Chair. He was responsive to us and defended our platfrom in Austin like I have never seen. I strongly encourage the delegates to give his leadership, results, and experience a vote of confidence in San Antonio. We are counting on having him back!”
– State Representative Tony Tinderholt, House District 94

SREC Member Mark Dorzaio, SD 25 Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“As County Chair of one of Texas’ largest and most challenging counties, I have appreciated the help James has provided to me to navigate some difficult situations I was facing as County Chair. He has been available, open, and honest to deal with. He and his team are doing a great job to help support the county leaders, win elections, and to spread our conservative Republican message. He produces good results. As SREC Committeeman, I have known James to be fair, open, humble, and strong on the issues that matter most to our party. I have witnessed him to be an excellent leader in any situation. I believe that James will do the best job in leading us to victory in November and to a stronger Republican Party in Texas. Please join me in supporting James Dickey as RPT Chairman at our 2018 Convention!”
– Mark Dorazio
Republican Party of Bexar County Chairman

SREC Fernando Trevino, SD 14 Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“During his time as State Chair and as Travis County Chair, James Dickey has made genuine efforts to engage with and include young voters in our party. I have enjoyed working alongside him to grow our party and ensure that millennials are hearing our conservative message. This work is essential to the continued success of our party, and I look forward to continuing this work with Chairman Dickey!”
– Fernando Trevino, SREC SD 14

State Rep. Matt Rinaldi Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“James Dickey is the leader our party needs. He is a principled conservative who promotes our party platform, brings Republicans together, and empowers our membership. We are seeing the positive results of his steady handed leadership: better organization, an improved financial position, an a party built to thrive now and in the future. He has my unequivocal support and endorsement.”
– State Representative Matt Rinaldi, House District 115

State Republican Executive Committee Members Endorse James Dickey for RPT Chair!

  • Dennis Cable, SREC SD 1
  • Sue Evenwell, SREC SD 1
  • Jason Ross, SREC SD 2
  • Vicki Slaton, SREC SD 2
  • Terry Holcomb, SREC SD 3
  • Chris McDonald, SREC SD 6
  • Mark Ramsey, SREC SD 7
  • Sarah Singleton, SREC SD 7
  • Karl Voigtsberger, SREC SD 8
  • Shelly Pritchard, SREC SD 9
  • Jeremy Blosser, SREC SD 10
  • JT Edwards, SREC SD 11
  • Tanya Robertson, SREC SD 11
  • Jan Duncan, SREC SD 14
  • Gail Stanart, SREC SD 15
  • Randall Dunning, SREC SD 16
  • Virginia Prodan, SREC SD 16
  • Terri DuBose, SREC SD 19
  • Scott Stratton, SREC SD 19
  • Janie Melendez, SREC SD 20
  • Michael Goldman, SREC SD 21
  • Naomi Narvaiz, SREC SD 21
  • Denise DeLara, SREC SD 22
  • Pastor Stephen Broden, SREC SD 23
  • Randan Steinhauser, SREC SD 24
  • Matt Walbeck, SREC SD 27

SREC Member Terry DuBose, SD 19, Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“When the grassroots prevail, we have true leadership. Thank you Chairman James Dickey for giving action to the words ‘bottom-up organization.’ Many rural counties have felt a pride and renewed ownership of the RPT simply by being heard. I whole-heartedly endorse Chairman Dickey to continue as RPT Chairman to further this healthy direction of our Party.”
-Terri DuBose, SREC SD 19

NE Tarrant Tea Party PAC Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“Grassroots activists around the state can easily recall the recent efforts we made together to elect James Dickey as our State Chair. We were unified around one candidate, which is a pretty amazing feat in itself. The reward for our joint efforts has paid off in that Chairman Dickey has performed exactly as he said he would. We can celebrate that, but we must also remain diligent. As is always the case, there are some in our party who will distort the truth for personal gain. The support and efforts of the NETTP PAC remain solidly behind James Dickey for State GOP Chair, and we are thrilled to see the same passion still burning brightly in friends around our great state. It’s a privilege to be unified with the best Texas has to offer… her grassroots activists, including Chairman James Dickey.”- Julie McCarty, President NE Tarrant Tea Party