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State Representative Mike Lang Endorses James Dickey for RPT Chair

“We need a principled leader who can bring people together and someone that believes in the Republican Party platform. James Dickey is the true conservative leader that our party needs, now more than ever. As someone who is very active in my district, as well as behind the scenes across the state, I know that James Dickey is grassroots-oriented and is truly an honorable man of integrity. We are already seeing the fruits of his labor with a better, more grassroots-activist-oriented organization, and an improved financial position that will take our values to every stretch of the lone star state from now and well into the future. In addition, James and his well-put-together team were there for me and other conservatives during the tail end of the legislative session when he took over the party. All with the simple goal of furthering our values that are enshrined within the Republican Party Platform that was hand-crafted through a lengthy process, of, for, and by Texans. You couldn’t ask for anything more from an RPT Chairman. I wholeheartedly endorse James Dickey for another term as RPT Chairman and I hope that you join me!”
– State Representative Mike Lang, District 60