Accomplishments and Vision

James Dickey

James DickeyDuring the 2-year term that James has been the Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party, he has successfully grown the party’s:

  • Volunteers
  • Staff
  • Funding
  • Activity Level
  • Technological Capabilities
  • Candidates, and
  • Officeholders

James’ vision for the future is to:

  • Provide a solid organizational structure,
  • Obtain and maximize the use of the best applicable current current technology, and
  • Empower, support and expand the Party’s base of committed staff and volunteers, in order to
  • Enrich the relationships of the Republican Party with all communities, and as a result,
  • Achieve a significant increase in the number of elected Republican officials across Travis county.

Winning in Travis county as Republicans is not easy, but together we can continue to make progress.

Please support James’ efforts.